Ownership group might meet on Mariners in week American League notes

March 20, 1992

Major League Baseball's ownership committee will hold a special meeting -- perhaps as early as next week -- to consider the Japanese-backed bid to buy the Seattle Mariners, committee chairman Fred Kuhlmann said yesterday.

Kuhlmann would not say where the meeting will take place, citing a need for privacy. He did say, however, that the 10-member committee (minus Mariners owner Jeff Smulyan) will meet face to face rather than attempting to discuss the proposal via conference call.

Kuhlmann called the session one day after a summit meeting in Dallas, where representatives of the Nintendo-financed investor group presented final compromises aimed at meeting Major League Baseball's concerns about foreign ownership and local control.

* RED SOX: Wade Boggs, a .345 career hitter, is batting .136 in seven exhibition games.

The five-time AL batting champion remained at Chain O' Lakes Park in Winter Haven, Fla., for extra batting practice rather than travel to Fort Lauderdale to play the Yankees. He plans to take more batting practice today rather than play against the Dodgers at Vero Beach.

"That's the luxury of spring training. You come down here, work on things and get things ready for the regular season," Boggs said. "If I ever had to make a club in spring training, I don't think I ever would."

Boggs had the same problem last year, hitting .253 in exhibition games, then hitting .332 during the season, second-best in the major leagues.

* BREWERS: After months of negotiations, catcher B.J. Surhoff finally agreed to a $7.5 million, three-year contract.

Surhoff had agreed on Jan. 20 to a one-year contract worth $2.15 million, but the sides kept talking about a multiyear deal. The new contract replaces the earlier deal.

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