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1992 Anne Arundel Boys Lacrosse At A Glance

March 20, 1992

Head coach: Dan Hart (fourth season).

Assistant coaches: Bob Glassman, Bob Bohanon and Bob Ciancaglini.

1991 record: 11-4, lost to North County in state 4A/3A semifinals.

Returnees: Seniors Dan Flynn (att-mid), Jon Songey (att-mid), Jak Karl (att-mid), Jim Reed (def), Domenic Harris (att-mid) and Tony Knight (g); juniors Mike Faioli (att-mid), Clancy Cornwall (att-mid), Brendan Bellotte (def) and Craig Harrison (def); sophomores Taylor Boone (att-mid) and Jack Copus (def).

Newcomers: Seniors Jack Rands (g) and Rob Fletcher (att-mid); juniors Jesse Jordan (att-mid) and Tom Rayhart (g); sophomores Sean McFadden (att-mid), Scott Regina (att-mid), Kevin Belt (att-mid), David Winegrad (def) and Tim Cook (def); freshmen Victor Watkins (def), Geoff Mears (off), Ryan Sears (att-mid), Eric Morgan (att-mid) and Josh Morgan (att-mid).

Coach's outlook: "We lost about 12 or 13 players to graduation, but like we say at Annapolis, 'we don't rebuild, we reload.' We may not have as much depth as we've had in the past, but our first 10 to 13 players are as good as any. I'm sure the rest of them will come around toward the end of the season."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: If they can get over their top-heavy schedule, the Panthers will be ready to cause lots of commotion in the state playoffs.


Head coach: Terry Mangan (second season).

Assistant coaches: Dave Kraft andErik Addington.

1991 record: 3-9 in Maryland Scholastic Association BB Conference.

Returnees: Seniors Brian Edwards (mid) and Kyle Simons (mid); juniors Dan Wolfe (att), Brian Zemanick (att), Scott Mattison (mid), John Donahue (mid), Rich Reilly (def), Tim Alber (def),Dennis Fohner (def) and Keith Ramsey (g); sophomores Anthony Mettera(att) and Jason Duffy (mid).

Newcomers: Senior Dave Justus (mid);junior Pat Kiley (mid); freshman Steve Shaffer (att).

Coach's outlook: "We definitely have some experience this year, so that is a plus for us. All these guys got their feet wet last year. The key to oursuccess this year will be in our self-confidence. Last year we only won three games, and the year before they only won one game, so a lotof these kids really don't know what it's like to be on a winning program. We're not looking at this as a rebuilding year any more. We'resetting our sights on the top."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Look for an improved Cavalier squad this season. Spalding finished the season strong last year, and with the core of that team returning, should produce a winning record.


Head coach: Clint Gosnell (16th season).

Assistant coaches: Kevin Rockhill, Pat McNulty.

1991 record: 9-4.

Returnees: Seniors Graham Niemi (def),Andy McGrath (def), Brett D'Camera (def), Tom Oaks (def), Aidan Surlis (def), John Sporer (att), Justin Frye (att), Paul DiBardi (mid), Doug Ashedd (mid) and Jeff Downs (mid); juniors Chris Hoffman (mid) and Greg Booth (mid).

Newcomers: Senior Jonathan Bradley (def); juniors Chad Minnigh (mid), Curtis Coker (att), Dan Doffermyer (att), Steve Morgan (g), Mike Staull (mid), John Taylor (mid), Sean Westfall (mid) and Billy Titcomb (mid); freshman Mike Haertel (att).

Coach's outlook: "From what I've seen so far, whatever we've worked on, we'vedone well, whatever we haven't worked on, we didn't. I told the kidsthat it'll take us a while before we get to what I call the 'prime-time' stage, but I think eventually, we can get there. We have the makings of a physical, hard-working team, and if we keep up the hard work, I think we could go somewhere. I see that all of them are making the effort to pull together and work hard as a team."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Arundel defense appears to be solid, which isa good start. If the offense can come around, look for the Cats to be in the middle of the playoff hunt.


Head coach: Clay White (seventh season).

Assistant coaches: Carl Behringer andJeff Herrick.

1991 record: 10-5, lost to North County in 4A-3A state quarterfinals.

Returnees: Seniors Steve Bruso (mid), Mike Strohman (mid), Mike Fellona (mid), John Hanna (mid), Brendan Collins (mid), Andy Ryan (mid), Tim Rogalski (def), Thad Holsberg (def), Eric Trumbauer (def), David Britton (def), Greg Jackson (att), David Weinrich (att) and Neal Jackson (att); juniors Jason Hull (mid), Matt Ploss (mid), Sam Peterson (g), Alex Irmler (def) and Jeremy Ogas (att).

Newcomers: Sophomores Brian Dobson (def), Matt Lyttle (g) and Bob Hanna (att).

Coach's outlook: "One goal is to get to the finals. We have a veteran team back, it just depends on how focused they can be and how hard they want to work. Right now, they seem very focused. They're a great group of kids to work with. Injuries are the key. We're pretty banged up, and that's a major concern."

Anne Arundel CountySun outlook: White shouldn't be too concerned about the upcoming season. His team has as much reason to think state championship as anyone. Lots of talent returns, and White expects the offense to be even stronger. One of top three teams in county.

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