Pasadena Bowler 'Locks Into Pocket' For Triple Crown


March 19, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

Sue Witkowski of Pasadena was just awarded the Triple Crown for her outstanding 1990-1991 season. She had a high game of 257, high set of618, and high average of 176 in a single league at Bowl American Odenton.

Her husband, Dave, a 210-average bowler, threw his third 300game in the Pioneer Men's League on Feb. 28 at Fair Lanes Ritchie. The 300 was the first game of the set, and he followed with 222 and 200, still short of his career-high 794 series.

"Every shot was a good one, every ball was in the pocket," the Pasadena resident said.

That's the hallmark of experience, to be able to lock into the pocket with each ball you throw.


Carol Tracey of Jessup has that kind of experience. The ex-duckpin bowler has been throwing a tenpin ball for only about seven years, but already she's climbed to the top of the heap in local tenpin circles.

Last year her 206 average was the highest women's average in Maryland. Thelast week of February, she was bowling at Greenway Odenton when she put together outstanding games of 265, 249 and 247, for a career-high761 series.

"I'm going to stay an amateur bowler," Tracey said. "But this year I'm going to bowl in the fall on the Ladies Pro BowlersTour. Right now I'm practicing about eight games a day."

An amateur bowler is allowed to bowl on the pro tour until she cashes twice, then she has the choice of continuing as a professional or quitting the pro tour.


Dave Ferguson, a Pasadena resident, has been bowling for about 13 of his 23 years, and he's looking forward to turning professional in the near future.

Ferguson, throwing a 16-pound Track Shark and a Black Rhino, has upped his 210 average of last year to a current 238.

"I'm not doing anything different this year, except my mental game is better," he said.

In the Spring Classic Doubles Tournament at Greenway Odenton in February, Ferguson fired an 836series, with games of 300, 279 and 257. That's his second 800 seriessince January.


The Southdale Doubles tournament will take place March 28-29. Handicap is based on 80 percent of 210.

"Fair Lanes Southdale is adding $100 to the prize money," said Butch Swayne, manager of Southdale. "First prize will be $200."

Information: 761-1300


On Saturday and Sunday, you can watch the nation's top women duckpin bowlers compete for a $2,000 first prize at Fair Lanes Southwest in Linthicum.


Starting this weekend, "The Don Vitek Best of Bowling" radio talk show has moved to 5 p.m. on Sundays on WCBM/AM 680. This week's guest will be Hall of Fame bowler Dick Weber.

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