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March 19, 1992

Cutting capital gains taxes will save jobs

I am neither an economist nor a financial expert, but I have learned through the school of hard knocks that "capital gains" is not a dirty word.

First, not all capital investments result in gains. Not all companies survive. The hope is that there will be a nice profit later on, but what if there isn't? An investor may lose much or all of the initial investment. One can also lose more than is permitted as a capital loss deduction.

Virtually every American is a participant in the capital gains situation. Even if one does not invest directly in corporate America, most of us do so indirectly through our pension plans, insurance policies and local governments.

In a nutshell, more capital means more real jobs. Heavily taxed capital gains discourages that likelihood.

Allan C. Stocks


Teacher pay cuts

For most of my 18 years as an elementary school teacher I have been told that personal gratification should be enough for me. Now I am being told that a wage reduction and no possible cost of living raise is the reward I get for dedication. I am told this must happen so as not to hurt the children.

I and many of my colleagues have children. Who is protecting them? Roger Hayden has announced he will not replace teachers who retire this year, nor fill requested new teaching positions. Larger class sizes are his solution. What happened to not hurting children? By the way, Hayden calls his wage reduction "furloughs." I'm sure he has another euphemism for raising class sizes that is equally misleading.

Allen R. Beall


The writer teaches at Chase Elementary School in Baltimore County.

Media 'experts'

The media report when the candidates don't address issues but hardly ever report when they do. The media also narrow the field for us by hiring so-called "expert" analysts to tell us who is most electable or why the voters are supporting Gov. Jerry Brown or Sen. Paul Tsongas even though they don't really like those candidates. This distorts the process dramatically.

The media needs to jettison their so-called experts and divorce themselves from whatever agenda they have and simply call a spade a spade.

Patrick Lee Jr.


Hiding from photos

I read with utter disbelief Deborah E.B. Ingram's letter (The Forum, March 9). She was complaining about the grisly photographs that pro-life demonstrators were displaying in their demonstration. She didn't have one negative word to say about the perpetrators of the horrible deaths inflicted upon these babies.

It's like blaming a photographer of the Holocaust instead of the criminals that caused it. She even went so far as to say that people should be censored from displaying such pictures in public. It's time the American public knew the awful truth about abortion.

It is bloody. It is not the nice neat little package that the abortionist and the feminist would have you believe. About 95 percent of abortions are for reasons such as gender selection, birth control and inconvenience to the mother. Very few are because of rape, incest or extreme deformity. Burying our heads in the sand and pretending that this doesn't exist or that we should be shielded from the awful truth about abortion is not the answer.

James R. Cook


Rise above criticism

One wonders to what lengths we Americans will go to defend our "honor" or maybe I should say "pride." Sen. Ernest F. Hollings' abominable statement is a case in point. That "mushroom cloud" he so blatantly flaunts as proof of American productivity was a poor choice of words for muscle flexing.

Having been attacked at Pearl Harbor, America rose to the occasion and proved its productivity through a steady conquest of islands on its way to Japan. No further proof is necessary. The A-Bomb ended what would have been a prolonged war and potentially saved many lives -- Japanese as well as Americans. While we need not hang our heads in shame, that bomb was devastating. Despite its acknowledged necessity, many innocent lives were lost. To gloat over such a holocaust is not becoming of American compassion.

We are a great and powerful country that can rise above any situation, including insensitive comments by foreign powers. Inherent in our greatness is the virtue of compassion. Let us not sacrifice that virtue on the altar of pride.

William F. Eckert

Ellicott City

What's in a name?

Since the new stadium's name is "Oriole Park At Camden Yards" it is really irritating to hear it referred it as "Camden Yards" nearly all the time. Why isn't the correct name used?

Sarajane Getz


The problem within

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