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March 19, 1992

Parking Crunch

Funny how before the condos, marinas and expensive houses were built, truck traffic wasn't a problem in Fells Point and Canton. But now that the city, at the behest of the affluent, has successfully tackled the problem of truckers, it could solve another problem on Boston Street too.

Several years ago, the city built a nice little fishing pier and viewing area on a vacant lot on Boston Street. The parking area that goes along with it includes a sign that states, "Parking for fishing pier only."

In the summer, the parking lot fills up quickly with cars that you usually don't find hauling fish -- BMWs, Saabs, etc. You see, the parking lot happens to be next to a marina which doesn't have enough parking. So the boat owners who visit only for the weekend fill up the parking lot as well as park on both sides of Boston Street, causing traffic congestion.

How about spendding some time on this problem?

Robert M. Lewis


Don't Lump Banks

Re: "State-chartered banks post loss of $96.3 million."

What an inflammatory, misleading and insulting headline on March 3. The majority of the state-chartered banks reported income for the fourth quarter and 61 reported income for the year.

Would "61 of the 76 state-chartered banks post profits of $144,386,00 for the year" have been more informative and accurate?

Management of the 61 banks that reported continuing earnings, as well as the state regulators, should be complimented on the excellent job they have done in such difficult times.

Perhaps the economy of the country would be better served if the media understood the effect of what they are attempting to report and took a more positive approach to reporting.

C. J. Anderson


Space Partners

The sky is the limit to the potential developing from the improved relations between the United States and Russia. With the current financial situations in both countries, opportunities which might be to our mutual advantage must not be overlooked.

Given the proper political direction, NASA could utilize current opportunities with the Russians in the field of space exploration. Despite the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russian infrastructure for space exploration remains intact. We could use their heavy payload launch vehicles to transport equipment needed for the construction of the space station Freedom. The Russian government would charge a modest sum relative to the cost of our utilizing our own capabilities. We could save money while helping these people on their way to free enterprise.

As we approach the 21st century, such collaboration will pave the way to make other more worthwhile projects, perhaps even an international lunar base, more feasible.

James R. Bauernschmidt

Severna Park

Teens and Dogma

I must take issue with Molly O'Donovan's letter regarding FOCUS. As a high school student in the 1970s, I participated in several FOCUS activities, including a week-long retreat. I entered FOCUS with strong, personal beliefs in God; I came away thinking that my beliefs were insincere and that Christianity was an elite club with a rule book that I could not follow.

I agree with Ms. O'Donovan's statement about the force of teen-agers' skepticism; yet I also know that teens are susceptible to the influence of attractive, charismatic group leaders. Crushes and desires for approval play large roles in any such group as FOCUS.

Ms. O'Donovan says that FOCUS was neither right-wing nor fundamentalist. The retreat I attended included ''workshops'' to air the anti-abortion views of the FOCUS staff. We heard horror stories of smothered fetuses, babies in trash cans and God's wrath. When I attempted to disagree, I was told they would not discuss my opinions at that time, and that I could talk to someone privately later. This was not an ''atmosphere of openness.''

I believe that religious guidance and instruction are important for teen-agers. However, parents and teachers should look carefully the groups in which teens participate so that they can provide thoughtful discussion of the dogma to which teens may be exposed.

Carrie Armstrong

Owings Mills

Did It Wrong

Another act of ''Schaefer's Follies'' will unfold in May when the light rail system service is initiated; but the citizens of Lutherville-Timonium will find little humor in the traffic gridlock, during the morning and evening rush hours, that will result from the at-grade crossings of the light rail on both Seminary Avenue and Timonium Road.

It seems that in the governor's haste to implement this project, the funds for the required overpasses for these two major east-west arteries couldn't be found. Or, were they eliminated due to the massive cost overruns on this project due to poor initial estimates?

One consolation for the governor will be all the gas tax revenues generated by automobiles caught in this gridlock on a twice daily basis. Maybe he should consider changing his perennial slogan of ''do it now!'' to ''do it right!''

Robert L. Hanley Sr.


Naming Names

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