"Basic Instinct" is the mega-controversial murder mystery...

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March 19, 1992|By Stephen Hunter

"Basic Instinct" is the mega-controversial murder mystery starring Michael Douglas as a cop and Sharon Stone as his bi-sexual suspect and lover. The movie has enraged gay and lesbian groups in its portrayals of lesbians as ice-pick wielding murderers and it has enraged moralists in the frankness of its sexual encounters (it just barely avoided an NC-17). Rated R.

"Shadows and Fog" is Woody Allen's new film, an account of a long, foggy evening in a middle-European city in the '20s where a strangler, a schlemiel, the townspeople and a black and white cameraman wander about, going bump in the night. Somebody's been reading his Kafka, if you ask me! Rated PG-13.

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