Roy Returns To Rustle Up Good Ol' Grub

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So Long, Hardee's We Won't Miss Ya

March 18, 1992|By Candy Thompson

Welcome home, Roy.

Things haven't been the same along the old Ritchie Trail since your chuck wagons were sold to Hardee's.

They took down your friendly signs with the sun peeking over the mountains. Broke up the Fixins Bars. Replaced your grub with some corporate guy's idea of fine dining.

When they got done, the only thing left was the chicken. Fine way to treat a western legend.

But you can't keep a good man down, right Roy? Instead of riding into the sunset, you started making records again. Did some TV appearances. Accepted awards for your years of good works.

Meanwhile, those Hardee's boys were as popular as a skunk at an ice cream social. Business dropped off 50 percent. Even the hired hands whispered the food wasn't as good.

So Hardee's (what the heck is a Hardee anyway?) decidedto go back to the cowpoke who brought them to the dance.

Monday, Hardee's announced that it will spend $4 million to put your name back up in lights at more than 250 eateries in this area, roll out some new Fixins Bars and start rustling up that good old Roy's grub.

Say goodbye to those faux "deli" sandwiches. Adios to those silly looking fries. Hasta la vista, Hardee burgers.

Roy will even get back in the saddle again as a spokesman for the restaurant chain.

The hired hands in these parts say it takes a little more sweat to work forRoy than Hardee's because of the Fixins Bars and other food preparation. But they also say the customers are downright appreciative of the effort.

Happy trails to you, Roy. Til we eat again.

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