Mining Company To Submit Plans For Limestone Quarry

Adopted Mining Plan Sparks Questions In Wakefield Valley

March 18, 1992|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,Staff writer

Wakefield Valley residents still have questions and concerns about acomprehensive mining plan adopted by the commissioners late last month, an assistant county attorney said yesterday.

"The community isstill following this with a great amount of interest," said MichelleOstrander, who attended a citizens meeting sponsored by CommissionerJulia W. Gouge Monday night in New Windsor.

"It was a lively exchange," she said of the meeting.

Residentshave expressed concerns that the plan makes it too easy for mining companies to obtain approval to mine and that it robs homeowners of their property rights.

Three mining companies own land in the Wakefield Valley area.

Yesterday, county planner Gregg Horner reviewed the proposal for Carroll's Planning Commission.

In adopting the plan, the commissioners called it a compromise between the mining companies and residents. The plan dictates where limestone quarrying may occur in the county.

A citizens committee that worked with county staffers to develop the plan had recommended that 1,900 acres be zoned for mining. The commissioners cut that amount back to 1,250 acres, all of which is owned by mining companies and underlaid by limestone.

The remaining 650 acres was placed in a "viable resource area" in which development that would pre-empt mining will be forbidden.

Theplan requires that any prospective buyer of land within a half-mile of the mining zone be notified that the mining zone exists.

The commissioners also included a stipulation that mining may not occur within a half-mile of the town of New Windsor.

The plan took effect March 1.

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