Hattery Seeks Debates

March 18, 1992

Sixth District congressional candidate Thomas Hattery is calling fora series of debates with GOP opponent Roscoe Bartlett.

"The democratic process needs and the people of this district deserve open and fair discussion of the issues, said Hattery, a farmer and small-business owner from Mount Airy. "Now, more than ever, the congressional election has taken on added significance.

"The American people want answers to their questions and solutions to their problems, they want to know how the candidates stand on the issues of importance to this nation, and specific plans to improve our economy, reform health care and make education more affordable tofamilies."

Hattery, who upset longtime incumbent Beverly B. Byronin the Democratic primary, said his campaign would contact Bartlett to settle the details of the debates.

Suitable locations for debates should be found in each area of the district and take place in thefall, closer to the Nov. 3 election, he said. At that time, Hattery said people will be more focused on political issues and families will have returned from summer vacations.

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