Planning Commission Approves 10-year Master Plan

Water, Sewer Draft Provides For Development, Expansion

March 18, 1992|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,Staff writer

The county Planning Commission yesterday certified a master plan forwater and sewer service that provides for development and expansion for the next 10 years.

The county commissioners will adopt the plan next and send it to the state for final approval.

The Planning Commission yesterday also reviewed the 1991 annual report, which is a summary of the year's planning activities.

Planner Barbara C. Moser presented the water and sewer plan to the commission and discussed changes made after a public hearing on March 5.

The commission voted to include a policy change for the Freedom service area in South Carroll, extending water and sewer service in areas zoned for residential areas with a minimum lot size of 40,000 square feet if the homes are clustered.

Clustering helps protect the environment and makes providing the service more economical for the county, officials said.

The goals of the master plan include:

* Establishing cost-effective facilities that will be available at the timeof development.

* Managing the county's water resources to maintain and improve water quality and quantity.

* Continuing the long-range planning for the Union Mills and Gillis Falls reservoirs.

* Providing for the treatment and disposal of sewage and sludge generated in the county.

The water and sewer plan is reviewed every two years, Moser said.

The 74-page annual report released yesterday is asummary of planning, zoning, development review and agricultural land preservation activities in 1991. The Planning Commission will send the report to the county commissioners.

The report lists three pages of highlights. They include:

* Adoption of a new Manchester comprehensive plan by the county commissioners.

* Adoption of a comprehensive mining plan for the county.

* Began a comprehensive studyof the Southwest Carroll area.

* Played an active role through the Maryland Association of Counties in monitoring in the state legislature the 2020 Commission's plan to control growth.

* Recommended approval for 45 additional agricultural preservation district petitions in the county.

Carroll leads the state in agricultural land preservation. At year's end, 40,568 acres had been preserved in Carroll.

* Continued to provide professional technical planning assistance to the county's municipalities.

* Continued to oversee and pursue land acquisition for schools.

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