State lists violations at nursing home Northwest hit with a ban on new patients.

March 18, 1992|By John Rivera | John Rivera,Staff Writer

A ban on the admission of new patients has been imposed on a Pimlico nursing home by Health and Mental Hygiene Secretary Nelson Sabatini, citing serious deficiencies in the care of its residents.

Northwest Nursing and Convalescent Center, a 91-bed facility in the 4600 block of Pall Mall Road, is prohibited from admitting new patients or readmitting patients who had been sent to hospitals. It has 21 days to correct state health code violations.

Officials of the state health department's Office of Licensing and Certification Programs noted the violations in eight on-site inspections in the past month. The violations include a failure to immediately notify doctors after residents became ill or had fallen. In one case, an 86-year-old patient struck her head and went untreated for five hours.

Inspectors also cited improper monitoring of medication, lax monitoring of patients by physicians and a failure of the nursing staff to follow doctors' orders.

In another case cited by inspectors, a 74-year-old man suffering from dementia was admitted with instructions that he was unable to feed himself and had to be spoon-fed. The nursing staff failed to follow the instruction, but noted on their reports that the man was not eating.

The patient's doctor was not notified for almost three weeks that the patient was not eating or drinking, when he was admitted to the hospital suffering from dehydration.

Nursing home administrator Norman Karshmer said today officials will take immediate steps to correct the deficiencies. "I think they identified real problems and we will correct the problems within the next two weeks and go on from there," he said. "I think it's an excellent inner-city nursing home. I'm proud of the care Northwest provides and I'm not ashamed of anything we do."

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