Sleet tonight, rain tomorrow

March 18, 1992

Rush hour and sleet seem to have a thing for each other.

Forecasters are calling for another storm system to bring a mixture of rain and sleet, or periods of sleet only, into the Baltimore area late this afternoon and tonight. Temperatures began to drop slightly by noon, with a reading of 39 degrees at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Amet Figeuroa, a National Weather Service forecaster at the airport, said the sleet probably will be confined to the northern and western suburbs.

Conditions won't be quite as ripe for slick roads. When rain fell during yesterday's morning rush, it froze rapidly on the cold HTC ground, causing a traffic mess. With higher temperatures since then, the ground has warmed a bit.

Rain is expected tomorrow, with temperatures climbing to near 50. Then things will start getting colder and drier for the weekend, Mr. Figeuroa said.

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