Administrators scramble to cover Baltimore Co. high school classes.


March 17, 1992|By John Rivera | John Rivera,Staff Writer

A sickout by Baltimore County teachers to protest mandatory furlough days left school administrators scrambling today to cover classes and ensure that instruction at the system's 148 schools continued normally.

Teachers were upset at the fact that the furloughs were scheduled during days that the teachers would normally be working at school without the students, and they will now have to work those days without pay.

The majority of absences appeared to be in high schools, said spokesman Richard E. Bavaria.

More than 30 teachers called in sick at Perry Hall High School, and at Overlea High School there were close to 30 reported absences. At most elementary schools, the entire faculties reported for work.

"We're flying by the seat of our pants in some schools to make sure classes are supervised and that the students are supervised," Mr. Bavaria said. "I understand that in some places we have central office people who have been brought in to cover classes. We have secretaries covering some classes, and, of course, substitute teachers."

At Dulaney High School, 25 teachers called in sick, said principal Thomas R. Hensley.

"Everything right now is going smoothly," Mr. Hensley said. "We have substitutes in that are qualified and we have some covering that is occurring with administrators. But everything is going smoothly. Instruction is going on as normal."

Mr. Bavaria said that if any disciplinary action is taken, it would most likely be up to each individual principal.

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