Buchwald story idea gets him $150,000Paramount Pictures...


March 17, 1992

Buchwald story idea gets him $150,000

Paramount Pictures was ordered yesterday to pay Art Buchwald $150,000 and his partner $750,000 for their contributions to the hit 1988 Eddie Murphy movie "Coming to America."

Judge Harvey Schneider, who ordered the award, had ruled in January 1990 that the movie was based upon a screenplay idea submitted by Mr. Buchwald.

Mr. Buchwald and his producing partner, Alain Bernheim, had sought a joint award of $6.2 million. They said their legal fees exceeded $3 million.

Paramount says the comedy, which has grossed more than $350 million worldwide, lost money for the studio under its "net profits" accounting rules.

Mickey Rourke pays respects to Gotti

Actor Mickey Rourke dropped in on John Gotti's murder and racketeering trial yesterday, explaining afterward that Mr. Gotti was "a friend" who had helped him with past movie roles.

Mr. Rourke, who has specialized in seedy characters in movies ** like "Barfly," "Angel Heart" and "The Pope of Greenwich Village," said to reporters in a hallway later that he was "in the neighborhood so I just stopped by. We're friends. I do roles that are urban-type roles. He knows that stuff."

Tribute to Mercury has all-star lineup

David Bowie, Elton John and George Michael will headline a charity tribute to Queen singer Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDS last year, organizers said.

The April 20 concert at London's Wembley Stadium, which ialready sold out, also will feature Annie Lennox, Seal, Roger Daltrey, Ian Hunter, Robert Plant, Paul Young and U2 playing live via satellite from California.

Mercury's Queen colleagues, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor, will star in the show, which will raise money for AIDS research.

Fox Broadcasting Co. plans to show two hours of the show on the same day, and MTV is scheduled to broadcast the entire show the following weekend.

'Queen of Cancan' reburied in Paris

The ashes of Belle Epoque dancer Louise "La Goulue" Weber were reburied during the weekend in Montmartre near the Moulin Rouge, where she reigned as queen of the cancan.

An 1890s stage star who later became a lion tamer and died in poverty, she was immortalized in Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's painting "La Goulue" (The Glutton) and his Moulin Rouge posters.

She spent her last years in a gypsy caravan on the outskirts of Paris. She died in 1929 at age 62 and was buried in the eastern suburb of Pantin.


Actress Mercedes McCambridge is 74. Ballet star Rudolf Nureyev is 54. Singer-songwriter John Sebastian is 48. Actor Patrick Duffy is 43. Actor Kurt Russell is 41. Actress Lesley-Anne Down is 38. Actor Rob Lowe is 28.

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