Dear Mr. Yeltsin . . .

March 16, 1992|By McClatchy News Service

Maybe you have something to say about the new order in Russia and the breakup of the Soviet Union, and you'd like to say it directly to that country's leaders. Or you've been itching to write to the high commissioner of New Caledonia or the national leaders of Afghanistan, Germany or Japan.

In today's instant-information society, it seems like a small world -- until you try to write to someone, particularly a national leader, in another country.

Sacramento, Calif., writer Rick Lawler has made it easy for ordinary folks to give the powers that be a piece of their mind, or even a compliment, about the way they're running things.

His book, "How To Write to World Leaders" (Avon Books, paperback, $7), lists names, titles, addresses and many phone and fax numbers for leaders of virtually every nation on Earth.

Mr. Lawler is a former newspaper editor and author of a number of publications. "How To Write to World Leaders" is an updated, expanded edition of his 1990 reference book. He also offers a quarterly newsletter, World Leader Update, to keep the book's information current. Newsletter subscriptions are $25 and may be ordered from MinRef Press, 8379 Langtree Way, Sacramento, Calif. 95823.

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