Federal contractsAllied-Signal Aerospace Co. in Baltimore...


March 16, 1992

Federal contracts

Allied-Signal Aerospace Co. in Baltimore won a $14,894,367 contract from the Army to provide Patriot M818E2 fuzes.

UNC Aviation Services in Annapolis won an $11,905,988 Armcontract to provide rotary wing and fixed wing flight training services.

Epoch Engineering Inc. in Gaithersburg won a $9,227,32contract from the Navy to provide engineering and technical support services for acoustical trials.

Jowett Inc. in Clinton won a $5,999,000 contract from the Navfor work on the assembly mix and cure facility at the Naval Ordnance Station, Indian Head.

Westinghouse Electric Corp. in Linthicum won a $5,255,18contract from the Air Force to provide for construction, systems engineering, program management, testing, installation and checkout, and transportation associated with the Caribbean Basin Radar Network Program.

Martin Marietta Aero & Naval System in Glen Burnie won $1,555,998 contract and a $493,525 contract from the Navy to provide a dead reckoning tracer.

R. J. Crowley Inc. in Laurel won a $330,000 contract from the AiForce to alter and repair an air terminal parking lot.

BCF Investment Corp. in Annapolis won a $166,685 contracfrom the Navy to provide diagnostic radiology services.

Baltimore Freightliners in Baltimore won a $107,851 Navcontract to provide trucks and truck tractors.

Smith Brothers Inc. in Galesville won a $103,572 contract from the Army to repair a pedestrian bridge at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Defense research contracts

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel won a $48,365,001 contract from the Navy to provide research, development, engineering, and technical services in support of tactical/strategic systems, space science, geophysics, biophysics, and microelectronics.

Non-defense contracts

ERC BioServices Corp. in Gaithersburg won a $2,254,089 contract from the National Institutes of Health to provide research support for new drugs and vaccines.

Convex Computer Corp. in Greenbelt won a $1,929,086 contracfrom the National Institute of Standards and Technology to provide interactive computer systems.

Systems Resources Inc. in Bethesda won a $730,433 contracfrom the Rock Island Arsenal to provide monthly maintenance for computers.

MDT Corp. in Arnold won a $416,000 contract from the DefensPersonnel Support Center to provide a surgical ceiling and headlights, dual-lamp style.

IBM Corp. in Bethesda won a $400,000 contract from the GeneraServices Administration to provide computer tapes and diskettes.

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