Sludge Won't Be Spread

March 15, 1992

UNIONTOWN — Melanie and Rodney A. Stambaugh have decided not to spread sludge on36 acres of their farm land after neighbors objected.

Melanie Stambaugh said there were "lots of reasons" they changed their minds after a public meeting March 4 attended by about 100 people. The land isoff Middleburg Road near Francis Scott Key High School.

"I didn't need the hassle, for one thing," she said, adding that she wished neighbors had come to her before airing their objections publicly.

Her father, Mehrl C. Adkins, also had applied to spread sludge on 103 acres of his farm at Trevanion and Clear View roads outside Taneytown. He still is deciding whether he wants to spread the sludge, she said.

Sidney D. Lease applied to spread sludge on 132 acres on Ladiesburg Road outside Union Bridge. He could not be reached for comment.

The state Department of the Environment must give itspermission before sludge can be spread. It has not done so yet for any of the farms.

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