Francis Scott Key Eagles

1992 Carroll County Tennis Outlooks

March 15, 1992

COACHES: BOYS — John Baugher, first year; GIRLS -- Donna Baker, third year

Last year's record: BOYS -- 2-11 overall, 0-4 county; GIRLS -- 5-8 overall,0-4 county

Top returnees: BOYS -- seniors, Brian Hayes, Brad Murphy, Dwight Baugher, Aaron Kahn; juniors, Shane Shaffer, Mike Coale; sophomore, Chris Bond. GIRLS -- junior, Jenny Baker; sophomores, Paula Koontz, Robin Lease.

Top newcomers: BOYS -- Senior, Mike Pfaltzgraff; freshmen, Andrew Duddar, Collin Caprarilla. GIRLS -- senior, Tina Pellkofer; sophomores, Jennifer Adler, Heather Stinson; freshmen, Robin Day, Maureen Ritzey.

Coaches' comments: BOYS -- "I think right now it's looking positive for the guys. I think we have a good chance of winning some. I think the kids' attitudes have really been great. I think we'll definitely be better than 2-11." GIRLS -- "I have mostly freshmen and sophomores, only one junior and senior, but they're working really hard. I'm anxious to see how they're do in the first couple of matches."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: BOYS -- The Eagles are definitely not going to go 2-11 this season. The doubles teams of Hayes and Murphy, along with Baugher and Kahn, will help immensely, as will some strong players battling for singles spots. GIRLS -- This team is very young. Baker admits the team is probably a year away. Leaseand Koontz will be the No. 1 doubles team this year, and they went 4-5 last year at No. 3 as freshmen. The future is bright; the questionis the present.


Coach: Bruce Damasio, 12th year

Last year's record: BOYS -- 10-3 overall, 3-3 in county; GIRLS -- 5-8overall, 2-4 in county

Top returnees: BOYS -- seniors, Bryan Ninowsky, Rob Hobson, Todd Myers, Keith Bethel, Bryan Dunham; juniors, Geoff Downes, Chris North, Mike Szymanski, Stephen Speck; sophomores, Anthony Omelio, Marcos Pinhero. GIRLS -- seniors, Laura Henessy, Jennifer Krupowicz; juniors, Dani Anzalone, Carly Carter, Dawn Wilhelm, Kati Zaralan; sophomores, Courtney Davis, Michelle Kim, Melissa Phelps.

Top newcomers: BOYS -- sophomore, Mike Knowerlein; freshmen, David Alexander, Kanaan Thomas, Mike Wiener. GIRLS -- sophomore, Gina Bordogna; freshmen, Jamie Hutchinson, Melissa Speck.

Coach's comments: BOYS -- "We're going to play one practice at a time, one match at atime. If they come to practice hard, the rest takes care of itself. You don't win a match or lose a match anywhere except practice." GIRLS -- "Our GIRLS are pretty even. We have no great players. We have noreal bad players."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: BOYS -- The Lions may roar this year. Seven of the top eight players from last year's second-place county team are back. Hobson and Ninowsky led the way in singles, and the top two doubles pairs are also returning. Damasio is cautioning a low-key approach, but his team should do well. There's probably no way to avoid it. Liberty appears to be a legitimatecontender in both the county and the Central Maryland Conference. GIRLS -- The team is pretty balanced this season. Two of the three doubles teams return, and Damasio thinks they should fare well and keep improving. They'll likely be in the middle of the pack in both the county and the CMC. The GIRLS went from three wins in 1990 to five last year, and the Lions could be .500 or better this year.


Coaches: Boys -- John Lynam, 14th year; girls -- Elizabeth Foyle, second year

Last year's record: BOYS -- 10-5 overall, 5-2and county champs; GIRLS -- 6-8 overall, 2-5 in county

Top returnees: BOYS -- seniors, Eric Nowicki, Rich Cutair; juniors, Matt Lovetro, Keith Mayle; sophomores, Craig Eckard, Chad Calhoun, Jeremy Bellusci, Mike Workman. GIRLS -- seniors, Lisa Kreseski, Sheri Chatfield, Brandy Hermann, Christi Lough; junior, Micky Baker.

Top newcomers: BOYS -- Not yet determined. GIRLS -- Freshmen, Laurie Kreseski, Cory Bradford.

Coaches' comments: BOYS -- "We'll probably be in right in the middle of things. A lot of it will depend upon how the 3-2 (matches) go. I think we can be in every match. They're all going to be tough." GIRLS -- "We're hoping we'll hold our own. I think they have areally good attitude. They're hoping when they come off the court they can say they did their best."

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