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1992 Carroll County Boys Lacrosse Outlooks

March 15, 1992

Coach: Jim Langrall, second year

Assistant coaches: Troy Barnes, Mike Jones, Andy Wilson

Last year's record: 7-5 overall, 4-2 in the county

Top returnees: Seniors -- defender Pat Gagen, goalie John Conrey, midfielder DanReichard, midfielder Chris D'Anthony, midfielder Chad Norfolk, midfielder Bill Reigel, midfielder Larry Maurice, attacker John Monar, attacker Adam Godwin, defender Jason Hopwood, attacker Jamie Serra; juniors -- attacker Ross Yastrzemsky, defender Mike Heilman

Top newcomers: Juniors -- midfielder Roman Geiser, defender Keith Eberwein, defender Matt Bryson

Coach's comments: "We're pretty senior-laden. I'd like to have more experience spread throughout. This isn't just my only season. I want to . . . build the program."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: The Lions should give South Carroll a challenge thisyear. The team is stacked with experienced senior talent. The team was strong in unsettled situations last year, something they continue to work on in practice. The big question: Will it all come together?


Coach: Chris Kraft, second year

Assistant coaches: John Brown, Kelly Baxter, Carol Seiler, Gary Ruby, John Piper

Last year's record: 5-7 overall, 2-4 in the county

Top returnees: Seniors -- attacker Keith Guinto, midfielder Danny Horner, defender Mark Trump, defender Shannon King, defender Brian Gittings; juniors -- midfielder Jeremy Krug, midfielder Jeff Miller, midfielder Steve Owings, midfielder Jason Swam, midfielder Billy Vaughan

Top newcomers: Seniors -- goalie Trey Shackelford, defender Joe Schultz; juniors -- defender Troy Curry, midfielder Greg Reed, goalie Dennis Wyatt, defender Tony Wysk, attacker Justin Snell

Coach's comments: "Our fundamentals are so much better at this point than they were last year. We did enough last year to turn things around. It was a tremendous change from the year before."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: Defense may be the biggest plus for the Panthers. The biggest problem is a lack of depth, especially on offense. The Panthers are still a team that is coming together.


Coach: Gene Brown, 14th year

Assistant coaches: Joe McCulloh, Rick Cook, Chip Kougle, John Kilgour, Paul Meyers, Jeff Alisauckas, Jason Stansbury

Last year's record: 11-3 overall, 5-1 and first in the county

Top returnees: Seniors -- defender Andy Manley, defender Bryan Solesha, defender Hank Zuretti, defender/midfielder Damian VanRossum, attacker Jeremy Russin, attacker Scott Mills; juniors -- attacker Don Pyles, goalie Chris Nave, midfielder Travis Mansfield

Top newcomers: Juniors -- defender Geof Weisenborn, defender Frank Wood, midfielder Brad Blizzard, midfielder Mike Medvetz, defender/midfielder Todd Parks

Coach's comments: "We're young, we're working hard, and we're optimistic. We're going to stress defense. I think we're good, and we lost a couple of good defensemen."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook:Scoring goals against the Cavs will be no easy task. The biggest question is an inexperienced offense. How well everything jells may be the deciding factor in what level South Carroll goes to in 1992.


Coach: Jim Peters, 11th year

Assistant coaches: John O'Mealy, Brent Whelan

Last year's record: 1-11 overall, 1-5 in the county

Top returnees: Seniors -- defender John Burns, midfielder Marshall Brown, midfielder Tom Bailey, midfielder Bryan Stewart, midfielder Wayne Lockwood, midfielder Jeremy Stoner, attacker Mark Miller; juniors -- defender Paul Orvis, midfielder Gabe Zepp, attacker Chris Ahrens

Top newcomers: Juniors -- goalie Adam White, goalie JimWolf, defender Mike Tine, defender Raul Eusantos, defender Steve Strahotsky, defender Bryan Offutt, midfielder Jamie Grocki, midfielder Scott Steers, attacker Jim Zoulias, attacker John Bolesta, attacker Cal Klingler

Coach's comments: "Anything we do, I think will be positive. These kids are hard workers, they're self-motivated and push each other."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: Last year was one to forget. But it's a new year, and Peters says he has a good batch of players. He wants the team to come together. If it happens, everybody at Westminster will have a more enjoyable spring.


Coach: Mike Williams, 11th year

Assistant coaches: Stan Crawford, Ed Dentz, J.B. Marquette

Last year's record: 6-6 overall, 2-2 in the MAC-Western Division

Top returnees: Seniors -- midfielder Clark Hostelhorn, midfielder Craig Wanner, defender/midfielder David Heritage, midfielder Scott Stampp, attacker Torre Kasemeyer, defender Doug Cussen; juniors -- attacker Joe Furnari, attacker Brian Sattler, midfielder Andy Price, midfielder Harrison Dunne, goalie ChrisLynch

Top newcomers: Freshmen -- midfielder Adam Orenstein, goalie Bill Lubking, midfielder Grant Bleiler, midfielder Jacob Much, defender Rob Doeller, defender Glenn Atraham

Coach's comments: "The question mark is on defense in two regards: how well our close defense plays and how well the middies take away the middle of the field so we don't get hurt in transition defense."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: The offense is strong, and if the defense comes through to help the Green Terrors succeed against a tough schedule, the team could score big.

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