Next School Year Aug. 31-june 17

Board Defers Action On Midterms

March 15, 1992

County students can count on starting school next fall on Aug. 31 and getting out of class June 17.

The school board decided that muchat its Thursday meeting, but deferred action on the midterm exam schedule and early closings or late openings for parent conferences.

Students complained to the board last month that they were over-stressed by a midterm schedule that included regular classes and extracurricular activities. Centennial High School student leaders asked for a midterm schedule similar to the final exam schedule, with half-days of school and no extracurricular activities.

Board members delayed a vote to consider a memo from Daniel L. Jett, director of high schools, on the costs of busing and school lunches if schools are closed for half-days during midterms. The delay was made "with the assumption that there will be some accommodation for the students," said board chairwoman Deborah D. Kendig.

The county PTA council asked for a staggered schedule of late openings and early closings to accommodate parents' schedules for school conferences.

The staff recommendation calls for closing all schools two hours early on Monday and Wednesday and opening two hours late on Tuesday and Thursday for parentconferences during the weeks of Nov. 16-20 and April 19-23.

Elementary and middle schools and Cedar Lane School would close two hours early for conferences on Friday of both weeks.

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