Committees of the Maryland General Assembly...


March 15, 1992

ANNAPOLIS (AP) Committees of the Maryland General Assembly have scheduled the following hearings for this week:



Budget and Taxation: bond bill hearings, 1 p.m. Senate Office Building.


Appropriations: HB940, locally funded governmental units, state financial and administrative control; HB976, state employees, religious leave flex time; HB1562, Baltimore City Juvenile Court, judges, juvenile causes, state reimbursement of costs; HB1563, emergency medical services field operations, budgeting and funding; HB1569, public schools, construction and capital improvements, financing, 2 p.m., House Office Building.

Subcommittee on Education and Human Resources: capital budget hearings on Morgan State University; University of Maryland System; New Community College; community colleges, 3 p.m., Room 130, House Office Building.



Budget and Taxation: bond bill hearings, 1 p.m., Senate Office Building.

Economic and Environmental Affairs: HB179, Maryland wholesome meat advisory council; HB180, secretary of agriculture, approval of weights and measures; HB181, pesticides, civil penalties; HB182, Maryland pesticide registration and labeling law, fees; HB183, Maryland commercial feed law, fees; HB184, Agriculture Department, wholesale seedsman permit; HB185, Agriculture Department, organically produced commodities; HB186, livestock dealer's license, fees; HB187, state board of inspection of horse riding stables, fee; HB188, pest control or pest control consulting business license, fees; HB201, public drainage association, board of managers; HB253, secretary of agriculture, weights and measures testing program; HB254, weights and measures, registration; HB256, Agriculture Department, nutrient management certification and licensing; HB312, Maryland egg law, registration of packers and distributors; HB707, agriculture, sale of easement in agricultural land, 1 p.m., Senate Office Building.

Finance: SB767, motor vehicle liability insurance, uninsured motorist coverage; HB220, commercial law, loans, assignments; HB243, state lottery collections, liens; HB295, motor fuel, sales to senior citizens; HB1208, nursing homes, nursing care, reporting rate charges; HB1235, health care cost containment, closed or delicensed hospitals; HB1243, nursing facilities, licensure term; HB1417, insurance, regulation, organization, structure, and fees, 1 p.m., Senate Office Building.

Judicial Proceedings: HB104, Howard County, obscene performances; HB122, Queen Anne's County, compensation, bailiff, crier and jurors; HB142, Washington County, bridges and culverts, vehicle speed and weight regulation; HB159, Washington County, home detention program; HB167, Queen Anne's County, attorney appearance fees; HB233, Allegany County, Sunday blue laws; HB363, mobile home parks, security deposits; HB438, Frederick County, home detention program; HB439, Frederick County, gaming events; HB674, Calvert County Detention Center; HB731, Montgomery County, marriage license fees; HB767, St. Mary's County, miscellaneous license fees; HB784, Garrett County, compensation of jurors; HB810, Wicomico County, repeal of prohibition on service of process on Sunday; HB935, Wicomico County, repeal of Sunday blue laws, 1 p.m., Senate Office Building.


Appropriations: SB45, retirement and pension systems, military service credit; SB141, state treasurer, fiscal agent; SB156, state treasurer, securities lending; SB157, state treasurer, physical and other than physical securities; SB158, Maryland State Police, modified workday, 1 p.m., House Office Building.

Subcommittee on Health and the Environment: capital budget hearings on Department of Natural Resources, MES; Environment Department; Maryland Energy Administration; historical and cultural programs, 3 p.m., Room 406, House Office Building.

Constitutional and Administrative Law: SB26, jurisdiction of state ethics commission; SB56, elections, ballots, listing candidate's residence; SB76, state dinosaur, Astrodon johnstoni; SB95, court authority, ethics law enforcement; SB293, Dorchester County commissioners, single-member districts; SB375, Cecil County, planning and zoning director, appointment, 1 p.m., House Office Building.

Economic Matters: SB27, Dorchester County, micro-brewery license issuance, termination date repeal; SB73, salvage vehicles, salvage certificates and title certificates; SB219, Dorchester County, alcohol; SB232, special registration plates, former prisoners of war; SB236, alcohol awareness program; SB272, mobile home parks, security deposits; SB310, real property, priority of liens; SB329, apprenticeship and training council, reciprocity agreements; SB354, Baltimore, alcohol (class C beer, wine and liquor licenses); SB440, unemployment insurance, taxation and charging, 1 p.m., House Office Building.

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