In Nature's Back Yard

March 15, 1992

Built in a suburban neighborhood of 1-acre lots, this free-form pool designed by Bob Pet of Anthony Pools offers an oasis for entertaining and relaxing, thanks to its generous size (800 square feet) and surrounding expert landscaping. The landscaping, by designers Jennifer Clements and Kevin Spencer Creative Exteriors Inc., keeps the focus inside the single acre through the combination of privacy fencing, new plantings and existing trees.

The owners requested a natural look, so Anthony Pools took advantage of the existing sloping elevation by nestling the pool into the natural slope. This was done by placing one side of the pool wall along the higher side of the slope, and then facing it with Maryland fieldstone.

The black plaster pool features automatic cleaners, a raised spa and a waterfall. A nearby gazebo offers an alternative for those seeking other bucolic pleasures.

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