Poor Prairie's view is down with the dogs


March 14, 1992|By JOHN EISENBERG

Fact: Prairie View A&M pulled off the big one, going 0-28 in basketball after 0-11 in football. (Bonus fact: Only other winless Division I basketball team since 1948 were the 0-17 Citadel Bulldogs in 1955.)

Opinion: It must be discouraging to be traded to the Sacramento Surge for future considerations. (It's the WLAF, which is a football league, not a radio station.)

Fact: The National League West was the only division without a managerial change in 1991.

Opinion: As a three-time conference champ and two-time NCAA qualifier, Towson State deserves an NIT bid.

Fact: The East Regional has produced the national champion only three times since the NCAA tournament was split into four regionals in 1957.

Opinion: If you want to pull for someone who deserves it, pull for Ray LeBlanc to make it in the NHL.

Fact: The Bullets are threatening to become only the eighth team in NBA history to have a better record on the road than at home.

Opinion: It makes for a nice story that the Blast may turn a profit this season, but it would make for a nicer story if they were on the north side of .500.

Fact: Big Eight basketball teams were 97-13 outside the conference this season.

Opinion: It is somehow comforting to hear that the Cleveland Indians again believe they're headed in the right direction.

Fact: The Orioles will play 63 games before the end of the NBA playoffs, if the finals last seven games.

Opinion: Storm Davis will not be in the Orioles' rotation in May.

Fact: The comeback bug bit Leon Spinks (yes, it's true) shortly after he lost his job as a front-door greeter at Mike Ditka's restaurant in Chicago.

Opinion: NHL players, who get drafted at 16 and never again have a say in where they play, are not wrong for thinking about striking. (Although their league might flat-out vanish if they do.)

Fact: Tennis player Goran Ivanisevic of Croatia said at a recent tournament in Palm Springs that he was afraid to go to dinner there because some of the people "who were like 100 or 150

years old" might die while he was eating.

Opinion: The Orioles don't have much need for Dwight Evans.

Fact: Tony Massenburg has been cut by four NBA teams this season.

Opinion: The closest object in the Redskins' rearview mirror is the Philadelphia Eagles, who won 10 games without a quarterback in 1991.

Fact: The New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays each are paying seven players at least $3 million this year.

Opinion: It's official: Roger Clemens is bigger than the Red Sox.

Fact: Said Arizona State coach Bill Frieder on Nevada-Las Vegas hiring a new basketball coach: "They're going to find that guy in the trunk of a car, and you can quote me on that."

Opinion: I am in love with the idea of day games at the new ballpark.

Fact: Of the top 12 basketball conferences last year (ranked by attendance), 15 of 109 programs had black coaches.

Opinion: Baseball should be embarrassed for giving the Nintendo people a hard time about buying the Mariners.

Fact: Having the majors leagues' best record in August and September (40-19) didn't keep the Brewers' Tom Trebelhorn from getting fired.

Opinion: We can all agree that any school interested in hiring Jim Valvano, as Wichita State reportedly was, certainly is making academics a priority.

Fact: The L.A. Clippers will improve their record for the fifth straight season.

Opinion: Top teams that won't survive the first weekend of the NCAA tournament: UCLA, Michigan, Ohio State, LSU.

Fact: The Knicks' Mark Jackson named his son Mark Action Jackson II.

Opinion: The Pirates won't get equal value if they trade Barry Bonds, but they'd get more than they would when he takes a walk next winter.

Fact: National championship standings (since 1980): ACC 3, Big Ten 3, Big East 2, Louisville 2, UNLV 1, Kansas 1.

Opinion: Walt Williams would have been a huge Olympic star had the team not gone pro.

Fact: (From "Dangers of Modern Science, Vol. II") Eric Davis recently missed three exhibition games with shoulder stiffness caused, he said, by sleeping too close to an air conditioner without a shirt.

Opinion: Kansas, Arkansas, Duke and Kentucky in the Final Four.

Fact: Jennifer Capriati explaining her recent slump: "Besides dealing with tennis, I'm dealing with all this adolescence stuff."

Opinion: I'm happy the Orioles got Martin and Lewis from San Diego for Craig Worthington, but I wish they'd gotten Abbott and Costello.

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