Civic talent

March 13, 1992

Non-profit organizations live or die on the generosity of their communities, and tapping into that generosity is an art in itself. Few people in Baltimore have practiced that art better than Richard E. Hug, who recently was awarded the National Fundraiser of the Year Award from the National Society of Fund Raising Executives.

Mr. Hug is board chairman of Environmental Elements Corp., but he is probably better known to much of the Baltimore community for lending his fund-raising abilities to various causes and institutions. Over the past 16 years, he has helped to raise more than $60 million for non-profit organizations ranging from Loyola College and the Kennedy Krieger Institute to the United Way of Central Maryland and the National Aquarium.

Another Baltimorean, Harvey Meyerhoff, received the same honor in 1988, which suggests that the city has no shortage of fund-raising talent. It also has no shortage of worthy causes. As we congratulate Mr. Hug, we hope the honor will inspire others to put their own civic talents to use.

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