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March 13, 1992

Need more info on MTA bus-rail plans

Not enough people are aware of the plans the Mass Transit Administration has for the buses that take everyone to and from work. They're calling it the "Light Rail Feeder Bus Study."

There has not been enough publicity to reach the general public. I went to one of their public meetings and took the form they are providing to give an opinion of their bus study, and I made many copies to pass out to people on the bus, and was amazed at how many people were not aware that this is happening.

I live in Hampden, and my particular bus is going to stop at Preston Street. I will have to transfer to the Metro or the light rail to get to work. Some people on our bus will now have to transfer twice to get where they're going. MTA has not made schedules yet so they can't tell us how long we'll have to wait. A lot of buses are being cut out altogether, but most of them will no longer go downtown. The light rail may be good for some people, but it certainly doesn't help the people in Hampden, and I'm sure many other neighborhoods.

Getting people to the new stadium seems to be their main concern, not getting people to work without inconveniencing them.

K. Fisher



What a terrible nightmare occurs when a pedestrian is hit and/or killed by a car! I am sorry to read of such accounts. However, another side is needed: the pedestrian has the responsibility for his safety when trying to cross.

On a recent evening, I was traveling south on Harford Road toward Taylor Avenue, when a man walked from between a van and a car approximately 100 feet in front of my car and never glanced in my direction. I saw him! Continuing on my way, about a half-mile further, two young adults came out of a store and strolled across Harford Road. They ended up stranded in the middle momentarily. Shaking my head, I continued on my way. On my return home, I was traveling north on Harford Road just past Taylor when I saw a man with groceries walking the center yellow lines trying to get to the public parking lot.

These three sightings made me think, pedestrians, please remember what you were taught as a youngster: Cross at intersections, not between parked vehicles; look both ways, and proceed when safe. The life you save may be your own.

Carol Coomes


Same old stuff

The other day, President Bush, explained his war on drugs his usual way: longer sentences, more prisons, death penalties -- punishment, punishment and more punishment -- the same old stuff that hasn't worked and can't work.

One does not kill weeds by mowing the lawn. Only by addressing its causes can we fight drug use. Eliminating poverty would go a long way to eliminate the despair, frustration and rage that cause drug use and its resulting crime. Legalizing drugs and regulating their use would get the pushers off the school yards and playgrounds.

Our politicians tell kids to "Just Say No." What have they got to say "yes" to? Yes to a guaranteed free education, yes to a chance for opportunity, yes to free health care, affordable housing, a decent job, a life of dignity.

Gerald Ben Shargel


Patrol wagons

In a month when tens of thousands of Baltimoreans will celebrate their Irish heritage, it would be especially appropriate for you to forswear the use of the ethnic slur "paddy-wagon." (Evening Sun metro, March 4). This term has its origin in the derision directed upon Irish immigrants in the early part of this century. It was intended to suggest that the sole occupants of police patrol wagons were the Irish.

I fully understand that "police patrol wagon" does not fit easily into a headline, but editorial expediency is no excuse for the perpetuation of an old and unfounded prejudice.

Leo Ryan Jr.


Fake licenses

My reaction to the proposed Motor Vehicle Administration technology solution to its problem of fake licenses was beautifully expanded by your editorial. As you suggest, the solution is to get rid of any "bad apples" who might be tempted to accept bribes for a license.

There is no reason to think that halting the issuance of photo IDs to non-drivers -- generally people who are too old to drive or are unable to do so due to a disability -- will solve any part of the problem. It does, however, create a problem for a group of people who need ID and would be very unlikely to cause a problem if they get it. Such an ID would be of absolutely no use to criminals who want to drive cars illegally.

William E. Buchanan


David and Pat

May I suggest that we create a new country at the South Pole? We'll call it Xenophobia. David Duke could be prime minister and Patrick Buchanan could be his minister of propaganda. Both Duke and Buchanan would like Antarctica -- it's all white.

Michael Anthony

San Antonio, Tex.

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