The 3 P's Leave Counterparts In The Dust


March 12, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

"The three P's of the Monday 8:15 Mixed League outdid themselves, leaving the men in the dust," said Liz Pence of Greenway Glen Burnie.

They sure did. On Feb. 24, the three women did some fancy duckpin bowling. Peggy Quinlan, Pat Trabert and Paula Buchanan shot three finesets on the same night in the same league.

Quinlan lives in Glen Burnie with her husband, John, and carries a 121 average. She's had a 200 game, and this year in the Monday 8:15Mixed, she shot a strong 460 series.

The S.R. Simon & Co. employee has been "bowling a long time." On this Monday night she threw a 160 game and a 442 series.

"Yeah, I guess we were all bowling prettygood that night," Quinlan said.

Buchanan agreed. "It was just oneof those nights, everything went great."

It sure did. Buchanan, of Brooklyn Park, whose bowled about 12 years, carries a 116 average with a career-high game of 196 and a high set of 467. On that night she put together games of 140, 108 and 151 for a 399 series.

Buchanan, a secretary for Singleton Funeral Home, said she "loves to bowl and the past three weeks I've been doing just great."

Trabert, a 126average bowler, who also competes in the Thursday Travel League, also has been bowling for years.

With a career-high 202 game and a 463 series, that experience shows. On that night, Trabert had a 188 game as a cornerstone for her 427 series.

The Glen Burnie resident isa makeup artist for Merle Norman Cosmetics. Her husband, John, carries a 122 average in the Monday 8:25 Mixed.

"Monday night is a kindof a family league," Pat said. "Everyone has a lot of fun. And, believe it or not, I carry a higher average in the Monday 8:15 Mixed league than I do in the Travel League."

That's what bowling is supposed to be, a little fun, a little competition, and some big scores to make you forget the bad ones.


Larry Williams of Odenton bowls at Fort Meade because he's a federal government employee. He carries a 185 average with a 278 high game and a 701 high set.

On March 1,at Fair Lanes Ritchie in the NABI tournament, he captured first place and the $1,000 that goes with it.

"It wasn't the money I wanted," he said. "It was that NABI jacket, that's what I really wanted and now I've got it."

Williams has bowled for 12 years. His wife, Kay,has a 145 average.

"I try to bowl every weekend in the NABI tournament. The competition is great, I enjoy the camaraderie and if I win, great, if I don't that's OK, too," he said.

I wish that we had afew more bowlers with that outlook.

The NABI tournament had 247 entries, and $6,579 in prize money was awarded.

This weekend's NABItournament will be at Rinaldi's Shirley Park Lanes in Arlington, Va., and the finals on Sunday afternoon will be televised.


This weekend at Greenway Odenton the ABC/WIBC-sanctioned Mixed Doubles Tournament will be held, with a first-place prize of $500. Information: 551-7100.

The 700 Club and YABA will have a doubles tournament on March 22 at Greenway Odenton. Every entrant will receive a shirt designed for the event. It's open to all YABA members age 11 and up.

The Winter Classic Tournament will take place Saturday and Saturday atGreenway Bowl East.

The tournament consists of a boys and girls division with a first-place $250 scholarship for both divisions. It's open to all NDYA-sanctioned bowlers. Information: Mike Nickol, 282-6907.


Duckpin scores from Fair Lanes Southwest: Eddie Cavetti, 203 game, 470 set; Tom Cranblitt, 203; Dan Witt, 202; Gus Vlakos, 218; and Donna Zentgraf, 185.

Donald G. Vitek's Bowling column appears every Thursday in the Anne Arundel County Sun. Bowlers are urged tocall Don with scores and tidbits at 247-0850.

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