50 Years Ago (week of March 8-14, 1942)* Ellicott City...


March 11, 1992|By Diane Mullaly

50 Years Ago (week of March 8-14, 1942)

* Ellicott City High School's Class of 1941 held a somewhat premature reunion this week. Of the 32 graduates attending the function, all were either employed or attending business school or college. Most of the boys were working in defense-related jobs. The girls were employed in clerical jobs or were attending business school. Four members of the group were attendingMaryland colleges.

* This week the Acme Supermarket in Ellicott City featured the following items: canned salmon for 18 cents, rump roast for 35 cents a pound and coffee for 21 cents a pound. Also on sale, creamery butter at 39 cents a pound, salt water oysters for 55 cents a quart and pan-dressed trout at 15 cents a pound.

25 Years Ago (week of March 5-11, 1967)

* A substantial area of Old Columbia Pike was submerged under the Little Patuxent River this week after the county received almost 3 inches of rain. Another area of interest was Columbia's new Town Center lake, where 2-foot whitecaps were observed.

* A car stolen from a resident of Columbia Pike in Ellicott City was found in NewMexico this week by state police there. A 16-year-old escapee from the Maryland Forestry Camp in Allegany County was apprehended and charged with the theft.

Information for this column was culled from the Howard County Historical Society's Library.

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