5 Nominated For 3 Council Seats

March 11, 1992|By Kerry O'Rourke | Kerry O'Rourke,Staff writer

MOUNT AIRY — Five men -- including three incumbents -- were nominated by citizensMonday for three council seats that will be vacant in late May.

Councilmen David W. Pyatt and William Wagner are seeking second four-year terms. Councilman Marcum N. Nance, appointed in 1989, is seeking his first full term.

Two challengers -- Philip R. Dorsey and James R. Lumadue -- were named at the meeting at Town Hall, which was called to allow nominations for the May 4 non-partisan election. About 25 people attended.

Mason Wilburn, chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Elections, invited citizens to a microphone at the front of the room to name theirchoices. The process took six minutes.

* Dorsey, 50, is a retiredMontgomery County employee who worked for 24 years in the government's retail and wholesale liquor stores. He has lived in the town for 11 years and last December was appointed chairman of the town's EthicsCommission.

He said he is concerned about young and old residents, traffic, roads and police protection. Larry Van Sant nominated him.

* Lumadue, 45, is a designer-drafter at a Silver Spring company and has been a member of the town's Board of Appeals for one year. He said he served two two-year terms on the Grampian (Pa.) borough council.

The main reason he's running, he said, is "to try to help reduce taxes in town." Ted Bruszewski nominated him.

* Nance, 35, is an electronic design engineer at a Montgomery County space and defensecompany. He oversees street and road work in the town and said he would like to continue in that area.

He said he plans to campaign hard to keep the seat and will emphasize his record, including work he did to improve the intersection at the Mount Airy Shopping Center. Moira Burkhart nominated him.

* Pyatt, 49, is a nuclear engineer forthe U.S. Department of Energy and oversees the town's park and recreational facilities.

He said he would like to continue in that areaand wants to build a town pool. He said he also is concerned about keeping taxes down and controlling growth. Council President R. Delaine Hobbs nominated him.

* Wagner, 52, co-owner of Mount Airy LockerCo., has worked with the town's recycling program. He was the only candidate who did not attend Monday's meeting. He is vacationing in South Carolina, said his daughter, Wendi Peters, who nominated him.

He wants to continue his recycling work, she said.

"He wants to give back to the town all he has gotten out of it," Peters added.

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