Time off for school workers Furloughs planned in Baltimore County

March 10, 1992|By Meredith Schlow | Meredith Schlow,Staff Writer

Saying, "We held off as long as we could," Baltimore County School Superintendent Robert Y. Dubel announced yesterday that all 10-month employees will be furloughed for four days, and all 12-month employees will have five days of furloughs.

The furloughs represent a deduction of 1.9 percent from each person's annual salary, school officials said.

County Executive Roger B. Hayden announced furloughs for county employees Jan. 2 as a way to save money, based on the $23.5 million state budget cut imposed by Gov. William Donald Schaefer.

Dr. Dubel had held off on announcing a plan in hopes the General Assembly would take action to avoid furloughs. But the legislature still is trying to decide whether to approve that cut.

Ed Veit, president of the Teachers' Association of Baltimore County, said he was "incensed" by Dr. Dubel's decision. "We don't believe in furloughs.. . . Just because Dr. Dubel gave up, doesn't mean I have," he said, adding that he expects the decision to hurt teacher morale.

"When school opens again in September, things will never be the same," he added.

Employees on the classified payroll will have equal deductions taken from the next eight paychecks, beginning March 20. At TABCO's request, deductions for 10-month teachers have been delayed.

The Feb. 13 snow day will be counted as the first day of furlough, school officials said. June 18, the day after the last day of school, usually a workday for teachers, will be the second.

The superintendent's staff is working with employee organizations on a schedule for the other two furlough days. It's possible a half-day in March will be used, combined with the half-day that is traditional for the last day of school, Dr. Dubel said.

Another snow day, or a day of excessive heat before the end of the year, could result in the fourth furlough day, he added.

The fifth day for 12-month employees will be arranged as a floating holiday through immediate supervisors, officials said.

Other county workers already were furloughed Feb. 12 and Feb. 17, and they face three more furlough days March 25, April 17 and May 25.

But because the furloughs will save only about $12.5 million, the county still will have to deal with a deficit of at least $14.4 million.

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