'Beautiful' money cut

March 10, 1992|By Annapolis Bureau

ANNAPOLIS -- Maryland, you were beautiful.

A House Appropriations subcommittee decided yesterday that the Maryland, You Are Beautiful program, which honors volunteers throughout the state, is worthy, but not worth $124,948 in general funds.

The money pays for three permanent positions and one contractual employee. The delegates voted 4-3 to cut taxpayer funding next year but said the campaign can continue with special funds, private sector money or volunteers.

"These are tough times," said Del. Martha S. Klima, a Baltimore County Republican.

And tougher in the House than in the Senate, at least where this program, a favorite of Gov. William Donald Schaefer, was concerned.

Last week, the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee voted 7-5 to keep the program, against the advice of its budget analysts.

The difference is just one of many that will have to be worked out as the two chambers make cuts to Mr. Schaefer's budget proposal.

In other action yesterday, another Appropriations subcommittee decided not to increase Maryland's legislative scholarship fund, which had been slated for $808,212 in fiscal 1993.

Senators would have received $705,000 of that increase to give to constituents at their discretion.

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