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March 09, 1992|By Julius Westheimer

Did you realize that the people you hire often have valuable skills they didn't list on their resumes? "You should discover and exploit hidden talents of everyone who walks through your doors," advises Success, March, adding, "Ask potential employees to fill out a company-designed 'skills sheet' in addition to traditional employment forms. Ask them about volunteer work and work they did as youngsters. Then use that information by entering it into a data base and matching employees with the jobs that are right for them. It's a talent search worth undertaking."

CEO CORNER: When I asked Edward Brody, CEO, Brody Truck Rental, "What business principles have you followed that made you successful?", he responded, "I'm strictly a hands-on manager. I learned this business from the bottom up many years ago and I never ask anybody to do anything I can't and won't do. I can and will do anything here, from cleaning trucks right on up. I pay scrupulous attention to detail, down to ordering staples and paper clips. Of course the big thing is service, that's our 'thing.' Without it we'd be lost. We break our necks to accommodate customers and we're completely accountable to them. We explain everything and we listen! I let subordinates make decisions, but I don't want any surprises. They must keep me informed at all times."

MARCH WINDS: Did you realize that more and more corporations -- American Telephone & Telegraph, Deere, Pepsi, etc. -- are providing free legal benefits for their employees? Fortune, March 23, says, "This move often assuages resentment over reduced medical coverage, but the fine print usually stipulates that an employee cannot use his/her free legal benefits to sue the company." . . . Reminder: Federal and state income taxes are due in just 5 1/2 weeks. . . . Speaking of taxes, "8 Steps to a Healthy Heart" by Robert Kowalski, says, "Stress plays an important part in reducing cholesterol levels. Accountants demonstrate a higher cholesterol count prior to the April 15 deadline but it drops down once the deadline passes." . . . With passbook and money market rates very low now, have you considered paying off your high-interest mortgage or home equity loan? See your accountant for personal guidance.

WORKPLACE WISDOM: "Every successful enterprise requires three people -- a dreamer, a businessman and a son-of-a-bitch." (Peter McArthur, 1904). . . "Snowden McFall, CEO, Brightwork Advertising, Nashua, N.H., doesn't wait until a payment is late to find out what went wrong. She ferrets out potential snafus in advance by introducing herself to customers' bookkeepers as soon as she lands new accounts. She's eliminated a lot of confusion and now knows when to realistically expect each client's check." (INC magazine). . . . Wondering where to get the highest interest rates for your hard-earned money? 100 Highest Yields, March 2, says the top insured local CD yields are at Custom Savings, Eastern Savings Bank and Loyola Federal . . . And Fortune, dated today, lists T. Rowe Price International Discovery Fund under "Top Mutual Funds: Where to Invest Now."

NOTES & QUOTES: Although yesterday's Sun page 1 headline read, "Positive Reports Suggest Recovery is Almost Here," some businessmen and women may wish to express their own views and experiences. Please send one-page only letters, typed or printed, to Julius Westheimer, Evening Sun Ticker, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 21278.

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