New take on tempsFor one glimpse of the changing...


March 09, 1992

New take on temps

For one glimpse of the changing workplace, take a look at a 4-year-old firm called Alternative Resources Corp.

With headquarters in Chicago and offices in Dallas and Fort Worth, ARC has put its own spin on what is generally known as contingency, temporary or contract work. The company specializes in computer operations personnel, personal computer technicians and telecommunications specialists.

What's more unusual is ARC's market positioning as neither a standard temporary help firm nor an outsourcing specialist (a company that takes over an entire function, including its management), but something in-between.

"We typically aren't crisis managers. Don't call us when someone didn't show," says President Larry I. Kane. "We fill in a production schedule or staff a project."

ARC's business splits two ways, roughly 50-50. About half of ARC's placements are people who fill in indefinitely during peak hours, perhaps one day a week. Then there are the semipermanent ARC employees who staff projects that may last several years.

To keep talented people on jobs that last a year or more, ARC offers fringe benefits during that contract period.

ARC has expanded rapidly, growing from revenues of $500,000 in 1988 to $14 million in 1991.

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