Dempsey's game, rain or shinePicture this. Rick Dempsey...


March 08, 1992

Dempsey's game, rain or shine

Picture this. Rick Dempsey makes the Orioles, it's Opening Day, but look up in the sky, it's an April shower. Have no fear, it's Dempsey to the rescue! The shows that he put on during rain delays were classic.

MA Of course, after the show ends, so does the rain. Play Ball!!

Michael A. Ballard


Throw 8-inch croaker bills back

Senate Bill 486 and House Bill 788, which propose a decrease from 10 inches to 8 inches for croakers, are inconsistent with current fisheries management plans. They are illogical and an affront to conservation-minded sports fishermen.

Current management plans raised the minimum size of striped bass to 18 inches. The minimum size of flounder and yellow perch have been increased and plans are being made to increase the minimum size of blue fish and sea trout. Therefore, lowering the limit size for croakers is inconsistent.

According to biologists from DNR, the Croaker can reproduce after it reaches at least 9 inches in size. It would seem illogical to pass a bill that would not allow a species at least one season to spawn.

These bills also mandate a creek limit of 20 fish. In an era of increasing human population and decreasing fish populations, such a bill is contrary to the growing mood of conservationists to use barbless hooks and practice a catch-and-release ethic. All sports-minded fishermen are encouraged to oppose these backward thinking bills.

Bill Huppert

V.P. Perry Hall Chap. M.S.S.A.

Is there a Hall for the tall?

Congratulations to Earl Weaver for making the Hall of Fame "short list."

If Ben McDonald can come north this spring with a good forkball, maybe someday he'll make the Hall of Fame "tall list."

Steve Fauth


From box seats to bleachers

On Aug. 19, 1991, I deposited $486 at the Orioles' Memorial Stadium office toward my first two full-season tickets. My seating choices were lower box or terrace box.

On Feb. 25, 1992, I received by mail an offer of two left-field bleacher seats.

On Feb. 28, 1992, an Orioles representative at the Memorial Stadium office told me that "current season ticket holders purchased all the lower box, terrace box and upper box seats."

I later learned from other sources that (1) previous holders of mini-plans were given preference for seat location over new applicants for full-season tickets, (2) some designated hitters buy up large blocks of seats for resale, as they are given incentives based on sales volume, and (3) it is possible to transfer seat ownership from seller to buyer.

Apparently, I chose the wrong approach to desired seat location. I was naive not to realize that there was an "inside track." After some reflection, I've concluded that the Orioles don't really need my support. After all, all those great seats that will be empty on game days have been paid for or are reserved to management.

Robert L. Davis



Back seats don't sit well

About nine months ago, I ordered a 13 Sunday mini-plan to watch the Orioles. At a representative's suggestion, I ordered upper box seats and did not specify a first- or third-base line location. At the time I ordered, and twice during the winter when I checked my order, I was never told that there was a chance that I would not get the seats I ordered.

On Feb. 27, I received my tickets. Not only were they upper reserved, but they were in the last row of Oriole Park at Camden Yards. I have written the Orioles requesting the seats I ordered or a refund.

The reputation of Orioles management has not been enhanced by the ticket assignment process. As a new ticket holder, I did not expect the front row. But if there was a chance of not getting the seats I ordered, I should have been told. One does not buy season tickets to sit in the back row of the stadium.

I hope this situation can be rectified, that it was simply a mistake. Because the Orioles are doing nothing to improve a reputation that they will need to watch closely as Camden Yards exits the fashionable new era and must keep its baseball fans coming to The Park.

William Grale


Cry of foul crosses state line

Since 1967, I have had the Sunday mini-plan, Terrace Box section 5, and during many seasons since then, including the past three, also one of the night plans, Section 5 Mezzanine. In addition, we drove from Pennsylvania to numerous individual games.

Despite assurances that new orders would be filled only after completion of the relocation of existing customers, and that "longtime customers will have at least similar, if not better, locations," clearly, this policy is not being followed.

I learned on Feb. 6 that my 1992 seats are by the left-field foul pole, and many rows farther back. I wrote immediately, requesting reconsideration. My only response has been a reminder that, unless full payment is received by Feb. 28, my account would be canceled.

Obviously, Orioles management could not possibly care less about the support of its longtime fans through all the lean years.

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