Dear Stadium Doctor:With all its exposed girders, pipes...

The Stadium Doctor

March 08, 1992

Dear Stadium Doctor:

With all its exposed girders, pipes and ledges, what is being done to prevent Oriole Park at Camden Yards from becoming the world's largest and most luxurious pigeon coop? Baltimore pigeons, not Orioles, already have occupied the renovated Camden Station and have been spotted checking out the amenities of the new ballpark.

Charles E. Walker


Dear Charles E. Walker:

First, let me say that this is an excellent question, one that inexplicably has received little attention while the media get all wrapped up in that Cal Ripken contract thing.

The Maryland Stadium Authority has been looking into this very situation. After speaking to several stadium authority executives this subject, I can tell you they mean business.

Bruce Hoffman, stadium authority executive director, said it is unlikely that fans will be targeted by impolite pigeons. The big stadium crowds likely would force the birds outside during games, he said, adding that the bigger problem may be discouraging pigeons from roosting in the ballpark at other times.

Hoffman said the stadium authority would monitor the situation for a short time. If the pigeons persist, things could get unfriendly. Two possible solutions: low-voltage wires, strung where the birds sit; or ultrasonic devices that emit noises pigeons don't like, but are inaudible to most Orioles fans.

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