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March 08, 1992

From: Debra O'Brennan

County Association of Realtors

In the Feb. 19 issue of The Anne Arundel County Sun, your front page featured a story and picture regarding the county's sign enforcement program ("County workers uproot illegal signs along highways"). Both pictures accompanying the story show illegal real estate signs and give a false representation of our profession's role in those violations.

The Anne Arundel County Department of Planning and Zoning has told us that we are a very small percentage of the violations, yetwe continue to generate a disproportionate amount of the publicity on this issue.

The Anne Arundel County Association of Realtors has gone to great lengths to educate our members about proper signage. Wehave notified all real estate offices in this county. In January, weheld a breakfast meeting with planning and zoning officials for a presentation on "Operation Sign Awareness."

We also have added a message on our multiple listing service to notify real estate agents andbrokers. As you can see, we are doing our part to respond to and comply with the county's sign enforcement program.

Although real estate signs may be easier to photograph, we would like to ask for your sensitivity.


From: John R. Leopold

National Council on Disability

In the February 26 Anne Arundel County Sun article regarding the National Council on Disability's ADA Watch initiative to monitor the effectiveness of the Americans with Disabilities Act ("Annapolis firm tracks new U.S. disability law"), reference was made to the council's contractor, Robert G. Kramer & Associates Inc.'s earning "$200,000 for the first year of an expected three-year project" and the compiling of "the first of three reports over three years for the disability council."

It should be noted that the contract with Robert G. Kramer & Associates Inc. is a one-year contract and that, after a thorough first-year review, the council could decide to extend the contract, select an alternative or additional contractor, or opt to conduct further ADA Watch initiatives in-house.

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