Kennel Approved


March 08, 1992

WESTMINSTER — The Board of Zoning Appeals has approved a request from Carolyn Cornwell for a conditional use for a kennel to house 10 dogs or less at asite in the 3500 block of Nicholson Road.

The property is zoned agriculture and kennels are allowed as conditional uses. The Cornwellsown four golden retrievers and asked for the conditional use to comply with the zoning ordinance.

Approval was granted on condition that: no more than four dogs beallowed; no commercial boarding, breeding or grooming be done; no business identification sign be displayed; and the use be restricted tothe Cornwells.



UNIONBRIDGE -- The Maryland Department of the Environment has cited Lehigh Portland Cement Co. for visible emissions on Feb. 10.

An inspector at the plant on a routine visit noticed emissions from the raw mill stack for at least 20 minutes between 2 and 3 p.m., department spokesman John Goheen said.

MDE has not proposed a penalty for the violation, he said. Inspectors want to find out if the violation is the start of a trend, he said. There have been no violations since, he said.

Any visible emission is a violation, Goheen said.

Plant manager David H. Roush said the mill had been down for repairs that day.In the process of starting it up again and warming up the dust collector, some dust escaped, he said.

Lehigh's past emissions violations were from stacks on the kilns. Last month, the company paid a $15,000 fine for violations in February and March of 1991.

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