Extracurricular Activities


March 08, 1992

Editor's note: With the fiscal woes facing the Carroll County Board of Education, officials have had to slice about $3.5 million from this year's $107 million budget. Some have suggested cutting certain extracurricular activities and reducing the number of sports programs instead of slicing instructional expenses. We have been asking readers if they want school officials to cut some extracurricular activities and sports programs and leave academic programs intact. Here is another reply:

From: Archie C. Allgire


A study, it's always a "study" of time(s) off of bus, breakfast, hours per week spent preparing for, participation, preparing for bus ride home vs. actual time(s) in classroom(s) vs. room changes and above.

A "shock" result. Add second study: total dollars cost -- uniforms, equipment, doctors, total hours with net time with education, classrooms.

Keep up the good work at your paper and require a true investigative report.


From: Harry Wade


During this past fall, the county paved a number of roads, including White Rock Road.

They raised the road from 4 to 6 inches from the original road, creating a drop-off that required a filler to create a shoulder. Lo and behold, they came along and dumped a muddy-looking material as a shoulder.

A roller was used to flatten the substance, and still later, a truck came along spraying a green material on the clay shoulder.

Now, several months later, the muddy shoulders are full of tire tracks, some several inchesdeep and posing some hazard to drivers who may get stuck in the mud.

When it rains, the water runs down the shoulders, washing out themud, leaving an unsightly mess along the road.

I wonder who had the bright idea to substitute mud for reliable gravel or other substantial material for the shoulders. What a mess.

AH: School history needed

From: Sarah Campitelli

Winfield Elementary School


Mrs. Gerhold's fourth and fifth grade class at Winfield School is writing a book on Winfield's history because they will tear downthe school for a new building this year.

If you have any information about our school from years past, please call us at 848-1289 or write to 4401 Salem Bottom Road, Westminster 21157.

If you could come to talk to us, we will be delighted to have you.

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