Consultant Makes Ads For Buchanan

March 08, 1992

MOUNT AIRY — An ex-Reagan-Bush campaign aide who was rejected by Bush's 1992 media team said he is happy to be turning the tables on his former boss by using the negative advertising that helped elect Bush in 1988.

"It's sweet revenge," said Ian Weinschel, who has produced a spot for Republican challenger Patrick Buchanan. "The president has been playing on my tennis court."

The 42-year-old South Carroll resident said he hopes to help Buchanan do what Bush did to Michael Dukakis in 1988. The 30-second spot features slow-motion images of dancing gay black men in chains and leather harnesses taken from a film made in part with federal money. Superimposed over the image is the message: "Bush used your tax $$$ forthis."

Bush ads attacked Dukakis in 1988 with images of a polluted Boston Harbor and Willie Horton, a black man who raped a woman while on furlough from a Massachusetts jail.

Weinschel, a Republican political consultant who works out of his 150-acre farm outside Frederick, said he asked Bush aides late last year to join the 1992 team.

"Let's make it real clear -- I begged," he said. "They basically told us to go fly a kite. So we went and flew a kite up in New Hampshire and lightning came down and hit George Bush real good."

Weinschel worked for Bush in 1980 and for the Reagan-Bush ticket in 1984. He said he has handled 80 campaigns, for clients such as Sen. William V.Roth Jr., R-Del., former Sen. Paul Trible, R-Va., and former Rhode Island Gov. Edward DiPrete.

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