More Budget Requests Come Commissioners' Way

General Services, Sheriff Submit 'Maintenance' Spending Plans

March 08, 1992|By Greg Tasker | Greg Tasker,Staff writer

TWO MORE COUNTY AGENCIES — the Department of General Services and the Sheriff's Department -- took their turns Thursday before the commissioners, submitting what were described as "maintenance" budgets.

J. Michael Evans, director of the Department of General Services, submitted proposed spending plans for fiscal 1993 for five bureaus, including administration, development review and permits and inspections, and for other programs under his charge, such as recycling.

Budget requests within the Department of General Services ranged from a 7.1 percent increase in spending for the Bureau of DevelopmentReview to a 4.6 decrease in the central warehouse, a storage facility for county agencies.

The Bureau of Development Review is seeking$25,058 more than the $350,852 in its revised 1992 budget. The additional money is needed for a 7.3 percent increase in salaries. Part ofthat increase will cover the upgrading of a clerk typist position from part to full time.

The bureau consists of a bureau chief and 13staff members. A clerk-receptionist position will remain vacant.

"It's a maintenance budget," Evans said.

The $107,005 sought for the central warehouse is 4.6 percent -- or $5,140 -- less than the revised fiscal 1992 budget. A parts room coordinator position has been eliminated from the warehouse's staffing.

The Sheriff's Department has requested a $908,550 spending plan that is 3 percent less than its revised 1992 budget. Fiscal 1993 begins July 1.

Restructuring inthe Sheriff's Department and reduced overtime spending will result in the trimming of 3.1 percent or $28,580 from the revised 1992 budget.

The commissioners said they will review a request from the department to restore about $4,000 to the proposed budget for the purchaseof body armor.

"We're concerned about the safety of our staff," said Lt. John Stultz, noting the department's existing armor is outdated.

The department has earmarked $6,000 for training.

The proposed detention center budget is 5.9 percent or $82,420 more than the revised 1992 fiscal plan. Salary expenses will increase by 7.3 percentor $88,135 because five new positions were filled this year.

The center's budget also includes money to fill the vacant warden's post as of Jan. 1.

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