Parties release names of convention delegates Votes tallied from primary

March 08, 1992

An article Sunday incorrectly reported the Republican delegates to the party's 1992 nominating convention from the 7th Congressional District. The delegates, all pledged to President Bush, are Kathline Buffington and Victor Clark of Baltimore and Beverly Goldstein of Baltimore County.

After tallying votes from Tuesday's primary election and applying the party's complex formulas for allocating delegates by congressional district and sex, Democratic officials have released the following list of Maryland delegates to the party's presidential nominating convention.

All these candidates are pledged to Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas or former Sen. Paul E. Tsongas of Massachusetts.

Party officials will select three more delegates in districts where candidates did not run full delegate slates.

In addition to these, party officials will nominate 23 delegates from their own ranks.

1st Congressional District: Tsongas -- Christina M. Alfonsi, Worcester; Michelle Barnes, Dorchester; Robert S. Collison, Dorchester; Gregory Kamenetz (alternate), Anne Arundel. Clinton -- Frances A. Ashley, Queen Anne's; William H. Bolander, Anne Arundel.


2nd Congressional District: Tsongas -- George P. Abbott, Baltimore County; Vacis Afentoulis, Harford; Susan A. Wood, Harford. Clinton -- Donald C. Fry, Harford; Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Baltimore County.

3rd Congressional District: Tsongas -- Dedrick Dunbar, Howard; Ann-Marie Laney, Baltimore County; David A. Lessner, Baltimore County; Sofia Paragios, Baltimore City; Michael Stefanaras (alternate), Baltimore City. Clinton -- Thomas L. Bromwell, Baltimore County; Barbara Hoffman, Baltimore City.

4th Congressional District: Tsongas -- Constance Johnson, Prince George's; James C. Owings Jr., Prince George's. Clinton -- Rosa Lee Blumenthal, Prince George's; Ulysses Currie, Prince George's; James C. Fletcher Jr., Prince George's; Carolyn J.B. Howard (alternate), Prince George's; Ida G. Ruben, Montgomery.

5th Congressional District: Tsongas -- Vera A. Harper, Anne Arundel, Scott Brian Douglas, Thomas X. White (alternate). Clinton -- Mary A. Conroy, Prince George's; Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., Prince George's.

6th Congressional District: Tsongas -- Heather N. Donaldson, Howard; Raymond T. Donaldson, Christopher J. Gearon (alternate). Clinton -- Gail Reilly Cross, Carroll, William Hudson Jr.

7th Congressional District: Tsongas -- George M. Drakos, Baltimore City, Jennifer E. Mann. Clinton -- Curtis Anderson, Baltimore City; Howard P. Rawlings, Baltimore City; Iris G. Reeves, Baltimore City; Paula Johnson Branch (alternate).

8th Congressional District: Tsongas -- Daphne L. Hallas, Montgomery; Karen S. Kuhlke, Montgomery; Alfred M. Mamlet, Montgomery; Anthony Mikalis, Montgomery; Joan E. Stalder, Montgomery. Clinton -- Mary Boergers, Montgomery; Gene W. Counihan, Montgomery.

Maryland's GOP voters elected these delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tuesday's primary. All are pledged to President Bush.

1st Congressional District: Mary Rose, Annapolis; Del. Ken Schisler, Easton; Alice Wright, Chestertown.

2nd Congressional District: Barbara Chinn, Towson; Del. David Craig, Havre De Grace; Del. Alfred Redmer, Baltimore.

3rd Congressional District: Joan Athen, Columbia; David Blumberg, Baltimore; Douglas B. Riley, Towson.

4th Congressional District: Leroy C. Bell, Fort Washington; Rosemary Jaskiewicz, Upper Marlboro; Clinton A. West, Silver Spring.

5th Congressional District: Barbara S. Anderson, Upper Marlboro; Del. Phil Bissett, Edgewater; Carl Buddy Loffler Jr., Lexington Park.

6th Congressional District: Brenda Butscher, Oakland; Del. Robert Kittleman, West Friendship; Sen. Donald Munson, Hagerstown.

7th Congressional District: Kathleen Buffington, Oakland; Robert Kittleman, West Friendship; Sen. Donald Munson, Hagerstown.

8th Congressional District: Sen. Howard Denis, Chevy Chase; Betty Ann Krahnke, Chevy Chase; Barbara Taylor, Germantown.

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