From The Sun March 8-14, 1842MARCH 8: The fisheries on the...


March 08, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun March 8-14, 1842

MARCH 8: The fisheries on the various waters tributary to the Chesapeake are expected to commence unusually early this spring.

MARCH 9: The house of a widow in Neighbor Street was entered on the night of the 6th inst. and completely stripped of all the wearing apparel and bed clothes.

From The Sun March 8-14, 1892

MARCH 8: George Philpot, a lawyer, who lives at 1429 North Fulton Avenue, was arrested last night by Patrolman Kirby, on the charge of assault and will have a hearing today at the Northwest Police station. It is alleged that Mr. Philpot attempted to kiss Miss Sallie Patterson on the sidewalk last night at the corner of Harlem Avenue and Fremont Street.

MARCH 12: Ex-President Grover Cleveland expressed some of his views about national politics yesterday to a reporter of The Sun at Spesutia Island, Md., where Mr. Cleveland had come to shoot ducks.

From The Sun March 8-14, 1942

MARCH 9: War or no war, city and county pleasure drivers took to the road in full force yesterday, the first bright spring Sunday of the year, using supplies essential to the war effort, officials pointed out, and interfering with the movement of war-production workers to and from their jobs.

MARCH 10: Mayor Jackson last night asked the City Council to authorize officials of the Walters Art Gallery to take steps necessary for the protection of parts of the collection during the war period.

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