And Now, A Word From The Editor

March 08, 1992|By Michael Davis

Being executive editor of Sun Magazine is the second-most enjoyable job I've ever had.

Nothing could ever top the scam I had as a sophomore in college, when my roommate, Richie Butkovich, and I flipped burgers at a snack bar across from a dormitory housing 1,200 women. Now that was a great job.

What I enjoyed most about it was the contact with the public, especially considering the public consisted of an endless parade of coeds who, I can attest, were very interested in me. Why else did they spot me across the Earth Science lecture hall and blurt, "Hey! Snack guy! What's the special today?"

I don't enjoy nearly as high a level of visibility in my present job, but I still enjoy the public contact. And that brings us to the point of this little Sunday morning missive.

This letter from the editor is a request for more letters to the editor. On a good week here at the magazine, we'll receive eight to 10 letters from readers, some with questions, some with complaints, some with pleasantries to share. When space allows, we try to publish a sampling of letters or excerpts thereof.

By the way, an uncanny number of letters received are written by women named Edna and men named Harold. We aren't hearing from enough Jennifers and Jessicas, Jonathans and Jasons, although schoolteachers tell me half the human race has those names. (If you really want to have fun some day, go out to any public park and scream "Alex! Time for ice cream!" I guarantee an entire platoon of little Alexes will emerge from all directions.)

But, I digress.

We need contact with the public to get a feel for what we're doing well and for what areas most need improvement. If you're one of those I'm-too-busy-to-even-inhale-deeply readers the marketing experts keep telling us about, perhaps you could squeeze in time to mail us a two-sentence postcard in response to the following prompts: My favorite part of the magazine is (fill in the blank). My least favorite part of the magazine is (fill in the blank).

We're especially interested in response to our two newest features, Way Back When and Mission Accomplished.

Way Back When (found on Page 22 today) is a gallery of photographs from our readers' home archives. We suggest a theme or subject each Sunday and publish a selection of photos about six weeks later. Submissions keep growing from week to week, to the delight of Fred Rasmussen, the magazine's photo archivist. Fred has been entrusted with the important job of making sure each photo gets a proper review and ultimately finds its way safely back home.

Mission Accomplished (found on Page 8 today) is a question-and-answer session with someone from our area who has reached the summit of a long-awaited goal. We purposely have steered away from celebrities to herald the achievements of everyday people. Each interview runs with a portrait shot by Sun Magazine staff photographer Patrick Sandor.

Will there be more changes in the magazine in the months to come? Indeed, yes. We're feeling frisky.

In the meantime, please hold up your end of our public-contact agreement and send us a note, a postcard, or even a perfumed love note on lilac paper. Send it to Snack Guy, c/o Sun Magazine, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 21278. (Or, for those of the Instant Gratification Generation, you may fax us at [410] 783-2519.)

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