ADSEditor: I have subscribed to The Sun for 43...


March 08, 1992


Editor: I have subscribed to The Sun for 43 years, (morning, evening and Sunday) and have seen the magazine section decline in both quantity (pages) and quality. It has become an advertising section with a few items thrown in. The only items I find interesting are "Back Tracks" and the news notes from previous decades and centuries. I have noticed that "Back Tracks" has been omitted more and more. I have been on the fence about canceling my subscription because of other faults I have noticed in the overall (Sun Paper Publication). Your continued omittance of "Back Tracks" will only help me make a decision. Thank you.

Jos. J. Tomshack


Editor's note: The Back Tracks column has been discontinued. Carleton Jones, its author, is no longer with The Sun.


Editor: How very memorable it was for me to read "Morning Milking" (Jan. 26), an excerpt from a new children's book by Linda Lowe Morris and David DeRan. I, like the authors, grew up on a Harford County dairy farm and have fond memories of stories told by my father, uncles and grandfather. I also was a high school classmate of both authors. I look forward to reading the entire book and wish success for the authors. Thank you for including the excerpt in the Sun Magazine.

Susanne Smith Necker



Editor: Thanks so much for Peter Richmond's article on Baltimore [Feb. 9]. It's heartening to know that a visiting celebrity shares my sentiments about my hometown.

Actually, there's infinitely more to be enjoyed in our fine city. Should we tell him all the other good stuff, or should we take his advice and keep it a secret?

Ruth Boecker


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