March 07, 1992|By Sylvia Badger

FOSTER'S OYSTER BAR RESTAURANT AND MARKET 606 S. Broadway. Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. (410) 558-3600. Foster's is a restaurant where you can sit in front of a fire and dine, or it's a bar where you can grab a quick lunch, eat oysters on the half shell and have a drink while waiting for your carryout, or it's a fresh seafood market.

Foster's is trying to be a lot of things; from what I sampled, so far, so good.

Everything on the menu can be ordered to take home. Here's a sample of what's available. Blue Point or Chincoteague oysters on the half shell, 70 cents each or $6.25 a pint. Crab cake, $8.50, comes with roll or cracker. The smoked chicken salad platter, $4.95, is particularly good. Owner Mark Foster told us the kitchen smokes its own chickens, then adds toasted pecans, celery and onion with a mild curry honey dressing.

But my reason for returning will be the seafood fajitas. The dish consists of the chef's choice of fresh seafood sizzled with onions, peppers and spices, served with three large flour tortillas, sour cream, guacamole and zippy salsa piquante, $7.50 and worth every cent.

Foster's also offers a complete dinner set up. The restaurant gets all the ingredients ready for you to cook or toss at home. (Written instructions are included.)

And lest we forget, the desserts can match any in town. The chocolate bourbon pecan pie is wonderful when heated and the pretty fruit tart travels well. Desserts are $3.80 each.

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