Unofficial Primary Results

March 05, 1992

Unofficial results in Tuesday's primary election in the campaign fordelegates to the Democratic and Republican presidential nominating convention in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Congressional Districts are listed below. Some delegates are pledged to presidential candidates, while others are uncommitted.


* 1st District: Mary McNally Rose -- 11,007 votes for George Bush

* 5th District: Phillip Bissett -- 3,097 votes for George Bush


* 1st District: Patricia Clagett -- 7,349 votes, uncommitted; William H. Bolander -- 6,774 votes for Bill Clinton; Gregory Kamenetz -- 7,558 votes for Paul Tsongas

* 2nd District: None

* 3rd District: Philip C. Jimeno -- 1,956 votes for Bill Clinton

* 5th District: Sylvia Fielder Jennings -- 2,200 votes, uncommitted; Earl B. Dean -- 2,534 votes, uncommitted

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