Baltimore CityBURGLARY: Northern District -- A resident of...


March 05, 1992|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

BURGLARY: Northern District -- A resident of the 2200 block of Rogene Drive reported that someone broke into his home Tuesday after cutting a hole in the screen of a third-floor door. Police said several rooms were ransacked and that it was not immediately known if any property was taken.

ROBBERY: Northern District -- A resident of the 3800 block of Belvieu Ave. told police he was outside his home Tuesday night when he was accosted by two men, one armed with a sawed-off shotgun, who robbed him of his wallet, containing $20 in cash, and his keys. Police said the armed man and his accomplice then got into the victim's 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass and drove off.

ASSAULT: Northern District -- Police said a resident of the 4800 block of Beaufort Ave. reported that during an incident in the 6200 block of Northwood Drive around 7 a.m. yesterday, a man attacked him and struck him several times with a baseball bat. Police said Kelvin Smith sustained an eye injury and was taken to an area hospital for treatment and released. Later, police arrested a man in connection with the assault and were holding him at the station pending charges.

BURGLARY: Northern District -- A resident of the 2500 block of Keyworth Ave. reported that someone broke into her home yesterday through a window and stole several pieces of electronic equipment. Police said the property was valued at more than $1,100.

ROBBERY: Northern District -- Police reported that two out-of-town residents were walking in the 3000 block of Ellerslie Ave. yesterday afternoon when they were stopped by a man armed with a handgun who demanded their money. Police said the two men complied, giving the gunman an undisclosed sum of cash.

BURGLARY: Northern District -- Police said property valued at more than $150 was stolen from a doctor's office in the 5800 block of York Road. Police said a cordless telephone and an answering machine were stolen after someone gained entry after breaking a door lock. Police said the break-in occurred between Monday and yesterday.

BURGLARY: Northern District -- A resident of the 800 block of Druid Park Lake Drive reported that someone broke into his home between Tuesday night and yesterday morning and stole a safe and other pieces of property. Police said the items were valued at more than $600 and that entry was gained through a second-floor window.

BURGLARY: Northern District -- Police reported that someone forcibly entered a dwelling in the 2500 block of Park Heights Terrace yesterday and stole a 27-inch TV and a stereo system. Police said entry was gained through a door and that the property was valued at nearly $800. The owner of the property told police he suspects a man he knows of stealing the property.

ARRESTS: Western District -- Police reported that an officer was in the 1800 block of Bruce St. around 2 p.m. yesterday when he spotted two men about to rob a third man. Police said Officer Sean White confronted the two men and arrested them at gunpoint. The victim, a resident of Westwood Ave., was not injured. Police said the suspects were held overnight at the station pending attempted robbery charges and a bail hearing today before a District Court commissioner.

CUTTING/ARREST: Western District -- Police arrested a man and were holding him at the station pending charges that he cut a woman on the hands with a knife during an argument Tuesday night inside the woman's home in the 500 block of N. Brice St. Police said Venessa Pugh was arguing with a man she knows when he pulled out a knife and slashed at her face. Police said when Ms. Pugh threw up her hands in defense, she was cut. She was treated at an area hospital for lacerations of both hands and released. Later, the man was arrested and was expected to be charged with aggravated assault and using a deadly weapon in the commission of a crime.

ROBBERY: Western District -- Police reported a man armed with a sawed-off shotgun forced his way into the cashier's booth of a service station in the 2400 block of W. Franklin St. and stole an undisclosed sum of money. Police said a man carrying a bag approached the booth around 3 a.m. yesterday and pulled out the weapon. Police said the man ordered the female cashier to open the door. When she refused and fell to the floor to avoid being shot, the man broke into the booth and placed the muzzle of the weapon to the woman's head and threatened to kill her if she didn't give up the money in the cash register. Police said the gunman fled the scene after the woman gave him the contents of the cash register.

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