6th-grader badly beaten after school 8 youths attack student for no apparent reason.

March 05, 1992|By Michael A. Fletcher | Michael A. Fletcher,Staff Writer

7/8 TC A Pimlico Middle School sixth-grader was beaten by eight youths, who kicked him and pummeled him with fists and garbage can lids as he was on his way to a Metro station after school yesterday, according to the victim and his mother.

Sean Williams, 12, suffered broken and loosened teeth and numerous bruises in the beating, which occurred near Rogers and Park Heights avenues, about two blocks from the school.

After the incident, the Williams youth was taken by ambulance to Sinai Hospital, where he was treated and released, hospital officials said.

"I was walking, and I saw they were beating up another boy," Sean said last night, as he and family members nursed his bruises and awaited a call from an oral surgeon.

"Then they saw me and I turned away and they started hitting me," he said. "I didn't even know the boys."

Sean said he had just missed his school bus and was walking toward the Rogers Avenue Metro station when the attack occurred.

"I tried to run, but they grabbed me on my coat and pulled me down. They started kicking me in the mouth, hitting me with trash can lids, punching me," he said. "And then some neighbors called police and they came out and took them off me."

Sean said he recognized only one of his attackers, who he said was a seventh-grader at Pimlico. He said that he had no dispute with the youth and that his attackers said nothing as they set upon him.

"There were no words," he said. "They just turned around and started hitting me."

Roy L. Pope, principal of Pimlico Middle School, said he knew nothing about the assault until he was pulled out of a meeting at about 3 p.m. when Nadine Williams, Sean's mother, came to the school.

"We dismissed at 12:30," he said. "We had three police officers, school security, plus nine male teachers and myself out in front of the school for dismissal. We stayed out until 1 p.m., and it was all clear. I knew nothing until I was pulled out of our staff-development meeting because a woman had come to complain about the beating of her son."

Ms. Williams said she is angry with school officials for not doing more to ensure the safety of youngsters. She also charged that school officials could have broken up the fight -- something Mr. Pope flatly denies.

"We can't walk kids home. We can't give door-to-door service, but we try our best to protect students," he said

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