Snowden's Harassment Bill Undergoes Revision

March 04, 1992

A bill that would make sexual harassment a crime in Annapolis is being rewritten by the city attorney.

Alderman Carl O. Snowden, the Democrat from the city's 5th Ward who introduced the legislation, saidseveral sections are being revised.

Business leaders and critics who testified against the bill last week complained that the definition of sexual harassment was too broad and other areas were too vague.

Representatives of the AnnapolisHousing Authority, the city's non-profit Community Action Agency, the YWCA and the National Organization for Women showed up in support of the measure.

The proposal would allow victims of sexual harassment to file a criminal misdemeanor complaint. People convicted of harassment in District Court could be fined up to $1,000 or sentenced to up to six months in jail. Employers also would be penalized if they knowingly allowed harassment to continue.

The City Council's finance committee deferred voting on the measure Monday night. The council is scheduled to vote on the revised bill next month, Snowden said.

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