Hearing Granted On 2 Route Changes

March 04, 1992|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Staff writer

HAMPSTEAD — The county will have a public hearing tomorrow on proposals to change the routes for the completion of McAllister Lane and Boxwood Drive.

The streets, each in a different part of the Hampstead area, havebeen partially constructed. Like other proposed streets in the county's master plan, they are to be completed as traffic and development warrant.

For McAllister Lane, the change is requested by a developer who wants to subdivide a lot in the King's Ransom subdivision.

The course of Boxwood Drive was altered a few hundred feet to the east to provide access to Spring Garden Elementary.

The public hearing and formal adoption would legalize the Boxwood change already built, and sanction the continuation along the new course into the second section of Roberts Field.

The changes proposed are unrelated. A combined public hearing was planned to save time and money, said Scott Fischer,a county planner.

Unless opposition surfaces at tomorrow's hearing, Fischer said, he expects the changes to be approved by the Planning Commission and adopted by the county commissioners in about a month.

Of the several county and state agencies asked to comment on thechanges, the only recommendation was that an environmental impact study be completed for the change to McAllister Lane, Fischer said.

The recommendation was from Neil Ridgely, the county's landscape and forestry plans reviewer.

"There's a possibility there are some wetlands nearby," Ridgely said.

The change for McAllister Lane was requested by Dewco Homes Inc., which wants to buy and divide a lot thatfronts Upper Beckleysville Road in the King's Ransom subdivision.

Whether the road is altered or not, McAllister Lane is set to cut through that lot. If completed as planned, McAllister Lane would not allow Dewco to produce a second buildable lot, Fischer said. But if altered as the developer requests, the change would allow enough room todivide the lot in two, Fischer said.

He said the county could also benefit from the change. The proposed change would cut through ninelots instead of 11, thus requiring negotiations with fewer property owners when the county gets around to finishing McAllister Lane.

"This is not something the county initiated, but it looks like this could conceivably be a better alternative for the county," Fischer said. "It's hard to say at this point."

However, the proposed change would mean a slightly longer road, which could cost more money, he said.

Either way, once McAllister Lane is completed and joins Upper Beckleysville Road, it will provide a safer way for drivers to get to Route 30, Fischer said.

Upper Beckleysville Road now meets Route 30 at a dangerous intersection, he said. Drivers turning south onto the highway can't see enough of the oncoming traffic, he said.

The new route would allow them to get onto McAllister, which joins Fairmount Road, meeting Route 30 at a traffic light.



* Event: Hampstead public hearing on street plan

* Time/date: 7 p.m. Thursday

* Location: North Carroll High School cafeteria, Hampstead-Mexico Road

* Information: 857-2145

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