Primary Election Endorsements

March 03, 1992

The Sun makes the following endorsements for today's primary election. You may clip this list and take it with you into the voting booth.


Democrat .. Paul Tsongas

Republican..George Bush

United States Senate

Democrat .. Barbara Mikulski

Republican..Joseph Cassilly

House of Representatives

1ST District-

Wayne Gilchrist.. .. ..(R)

Thomas McMillen.. .. ..(D)

2ND District-

Helen Bentley.. .. .. .(R)

Michael Hickey.. .. .. (D)

3RD District-

William Brisker.. .. ..(R)

Benjamin Cardin .. .. (D)

4TH District-

Michele Dyson.. .. .. .(R)

Alexander Williams.. ..(D)

5TH District-

Lawrence Hogan Jr. .. .(R)

Steny Hoyer.. .. .. .. (D)

6TH District-

Michael Downey.. .. .. (R)

Thomas Hattery .. .. ..(D)

7TH District

Kenneth Kondner.. .. .(R)

Kweisi Mfume.. .. .. ..(D)

8TH District

Constance Morella.. .. (R)

James Walker .. .. .. .(D)

Circuit Court

Baltimore County

Thomas Bollinger

J. Norris Byrnes

Robert Cahill

Edward DeWaters

Christian Kahl

Howard County

Dennis Sweeney

Cecil County

J. Frederick Price

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